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New: economy packages.starting 6 December 2017.

Private customers (excluding Click & Drive) can obtain economy packages from 6 December 2017.

An economy package works in a similar way to a mobile phone flat-rate package: 12 hours and 100 kilometres of Mobility for just CHF 79 – regardless of the vehicle. Whether it’s a large van, a convertible, a minivan or an electric car etc., the price corresponds to the cheapest category (Budget) for 12 hours and 100 kilometres. Cooperative members can even double this benefit: CHF 158 gives them twice the number of hours and kilometres.

What are the various economy packages?

Economy package 100
12 hours
100 kilometres
CHF 79
Economy package 200
(exclusively for cooperative members)
24 hours
200 kilometres
CHF 158
The economy package is valid for 30 days and is available only once during that time. The next purchase is available once the 30 days have expired – or you can obtain a subscription that automatically and continuously tops you up with economy packages.

Where can I purchase an economy package?

  • Via the new customer portal
  • During the reservation process in the customer portal or app (though not via the Swiss Federal Railways journey planner or start page)
  • Over the phone to the 24h Service Center on 0848 824 812.

Frequently asked questions

Does unused credit expire after 30 days? If so, why?

Yes, unused hours and kilometres expire after 30 days. economy packages are intended for persons wishing to use Mobility vehicles intensively for a particular period of time or who are frequent users. We want to help them – and that is why the packages come with a time limit.

Why is the economy package 200 reserved for cooperative members?

We want to offer them a wide range of benefits. The economy package 200 is one such benefit.

My nearest Mobility station has only a Budget-category vehicle. Does this mean I cannot take advantage of the economy packages?

The economy packages are based on the prices charged for the Budget category. If you use only Budget vehicles, the economy package is of no particular benefit to you.

What is happening to the Mobility-Profit product?

Mobility-Profit will cease to be available from 6 December 2017. Any remaining credit remains valid. As soon as it is used up, you can obtain economy packages.

Are there any economy packages for business customers?

No, they are for private customers only. Business customers have their own discount system.

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