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Our Business trial subscription: no-obligation trial

Term4 months
Drive rate (depending on vehicle category)from CHF 2.00/h and CHF 0.55/km
Discountof up to 20% depending on drive volume (see table)
Costs per driver / monthpersonaltransferable
 CHF 8CHF 16

Prices exclude VAT.
In addition to the subscription fees, Mobility charges an hourly and kilometre rate for each journey. 

Automatically benefit from our discount system

The greater the drive volume, the greater the discount.
The total drive volume of all the subscriptions within an organisation are added together at the close of the calendar year. If the total is CHF 5’000 or more, your company receives the following discounts on all its drive rates in the following calendar year:

Drive volume / year in thousands of CHF5-1515-5050-200> 200
Discount in the following year5%10%15%20%

The drive volume entitled to a discount is calculated per calendar year including VAT and subsequently defines the discount level for the following year.

Additional safeguarding

With our «Policy Deductible 300 Business» option, you reduce your excess from CHF 2’500 to CHF 300 per claim. You can find out more about insurance here.

Policy Deductible 300 Business for Business trial subscription

CHF 12CHF 36

All prices exclude VAT.

Get in and drive off – with Mobility Business

With a Business trial subscription, you have access to all Mobility vehicles (from electric vehicles to vans) at all Mobility stations at a reduced drive rate. Our rates include everything – you don’t have to worry about a thing.

1’530 stations

Mobility vehicles await you at 1’530 stations throughout Switzerland. Off you go.

3’120 vehicles

Mobility has a fleet of 3’120 different vehicles ready and waiting for you. Big, small, sporty, practical – we have the right vehicle for everyone.

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