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Business-Light: hire company cars without paying a subscription fee.

Are you looking to hire a company car from Mobility for occasional use? If so, Business-Light is the perfect solution for you.

With Business-Light, you can hire a car on an hourly basis with no subscription fees. Enjoy comprehensive, round-the-clock access to 3’120 Mobility cars throughout Switzerland on a self-service basis. The Business-Light drive rate is slightly higher than the rates for the business subscription or business trial subscription.

The key advantage is that you can combine the various Mobility business subscriptions. Employees who only need a vehicle occasionally can use Business-Light, while more frequent travellers make use of the business subscription. The more journeys you make, the higher the discount – no matter which business subscription you use.


  • No subscription fees
  • Access to 3’120 cars all over Switzerland
  • One-way trips with Mobility One-Way
  • Rising discount (up to 20%) depending on drive volume

With the Policy Deductible 300 business (CHF 12/month excluding VAT), you can protect yourself against major and minor damage. iMinimum contract duration 12 months.
Customers are automatically insured (third party, comprehensive and passenger insurance). You pay a maximum policy deductible of CHF 2’500 per claim. The Policy Deductible 300 reduces this to max. CHF 300 (plus surcharges for inexperienced & young drivers).

The Business-Light offer is non-transferable. A time and/or kilometre rate is levied for each journey.