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The retirement home "Stiftung Wohnen im Alter".

The retirement home "Stiftung Wohnen im Alter" has a sustainable and flexible transportation solution in the form of Mobility-Flex.

The retirement home "Stiftung Wohnen im Alter" in Hinwil is one of the first business clients to make use of the Mobility-Flex scheme which was newly launched in June 2017. A Mobility car of the Economy Category is stationed directly on the doorstep of the retirement and nursing home. The interesting point about this scheme is that the more the car is used, the lower the institution's fixed costs. The management of the home explains how this works: "The vehicle is available solely for the use of our staff from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday. At other times, all Mobility customers have access to the car. We pay an annual flat rate, and in the following year we are reimbursed for the drive volume generated."

There are ten personal and six transferable Mobility Business subscriptions available to the retirement home's 130 staff. Whether managers, nursing or kitchen staff, technical support personnel or gardeners – the vehicle is used for all kinds of trips, such as attendance at meetings, doctor's appointments with residents, purchases and outings to the countryside, for example. The response has been very positive on all sides. The management firmly believes in the sustainability of car sharing and will quite possibly consider expanding the scheme after an initial evaluation.

"Rather than purchasing a company car, Mobility-Flex gives us a scheme that perfectly meets our needs. Expense and income are just right and our staff are enthusiastic, too!"

Management of the retirement home "Stiftung Wohnen im Alter"

The advantages to "Stiftung Wohnen im Alter" at a glance:

  • Much improved value for money as compared to a company car
  • Service provided by Mobility: 24-hour assistance in the event of breakdowns, accidents and damage, as well as regular cleaning and maintenance
  • The nearby railway station allows the scheme to be combined with public transportation
  • Positive incentive for staff
  • Simple reservation system
  • Transparent expense accounting
  • Reinforces the home's image as a modern company
  • Supports sustainability mobility
Do you also have a Mobility-Flex story? Send an e-mail to business(at) with a few lines describing your use of Mobility.