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Pool Car Sharing: optimising the company fleet

With Mobility Pool Car Sharing, we equip our Pool vehicles with tried-and-tested car sharing technology. This fully automated system is guaranteed to provide improved vehicle capacity efficiencies that could allow you to save up to 30% on your fleet costs.

On request, we can provide your employees with free, personal Mobility Cards. These serve as electronic keys to your Pool car, meaning no key handovers are required.

Pool Car Sharing includes the following services:

  • Booking and handling: Internet, app, 24h Service Center, on-board computer
  • Take the wheel and off you go: Vehicle access
  • Invoicing: Invoice issue, controlling and reporting of trip data

Costs per month/vehicle excl. VAT: CHF 59

You can choose how many of your vehicles you wish to equip with the Pool Car Sharing system.

*For each vehicle, you will be charged a one-off initial installation fee, starting from CHF 150.00.

Success stories

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