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Combine the possibilities.Rent rather than buy a company car.

Reliant on combined mobility and only occasionally undertake business trips? If so, Mobility-Basic is the ideal mobility solution for your company. With Mobility-Basic, you and your employees have access to 2’950 Mobility vehicles in Switzerland – around the clock, whenever you need them.

Mobility takes care of everything, from washing the cars to the insurance. You no longer have to think of anything. Everything you need for an easy business trip is a Mobility subscription, the key to your mobility. The Mobility subscription for business customers is available as a personal or transferable subscription. Apart from the annual subscription, you only pay for what you use: from CHF 2.33/h and CHF 0.46/km (VAT not included).

Mobility-Basic to expand or replace your own vehicle fleet helps you in the following situations:

Advice 0848 824 812

Questions, assistance, further information? This is the place for you.


The cost consists of the annual subscription plus the hourly and kilometre rates per trip.

As a Mobility customer you are insured in the event of damage (with third party, comprehensive and passenger insurance). You pay a maximum policy deductible of CHF 2’500 per claim. Want to minimise your risks? iWith a liability reduction you can reduce your policy deductible to a maximum of CHF 300.
Liability reduction 1 year:
- CHF 150 (personal subscription)
- CHF 450 (transferable subscription)

Personal subscription > i- Ideal for frequent users
- Issued in your name
- Full use of the Mobility system
- Access to car sharing in Germany

Transferable subscription > i- Ideal for occasional users
- Can be used alternately by several employees
- Company keeps a record of its own trips

CHF 120 per personal annual subscription excluding the hourly and kilometre rates
CHF 250 for the first transferable annual subscription excluding the hourly and kilometre rates. Each subsequent subscription is just CHF 150 a year.

Prices include VAT

Discount system

The revenue you generate iThe following do not count towards the discount:
– Annual subscriptions
– Charges for Mobility services
– Liability Reduction cover
– Fines
– Third-party services
– Payments for damage
through your motoring determines the level of discount you receive. The discount is calculated every 12 months from the inception of the contract and credited to your customer account once a year.

Gross drive volume per year Discount
from CHF 9’00020%
from CHF 8’00014%
from CHF 7’0008%
from CHF 6’0002%


Vehicle categoryHourly rateKilometre rate
Mo–Th (7–23 h) and
Fr (7–15 h)
Fr (15–23 h) and
Sa–Su (7–23 h)
Mo–Su (23–7 h)1–100 kmfrom 101 km
Prices do not include VAT

Prices all include fuel, servicing, cleaning, repairs, insurance, administration, Swiss motorway toll sticker and parking space rental. Prices are subject to change. Prices in CHF. Rates valid from 1 April 2016.


Additional charges can apply, e.g. if a reservation is not initiated or is cancelled. See our PDF for a summary of all the additional benefits and charges:

More than 4’600 companies are already using Mobility business car sharing

"Sustainable mobility is a central focus of our daily planning and consultation work. So Mobility is the obvious choice for us when it comes to business trips."

Markus Reichenbach, Managing Director
Kontextplan, Solothurn

Mobility business car sharing – reference Kontextplan Markus Reichenbach.

"For years now, Mobility has provided us with the transportation options we require for attending meetings and shipping models – entirely free of any maintenance worries."

Philipp Röösli, Proprietor
roeoesli & maeder GmbH, Luzern

Mobility business car sharing – reference Philipp Röösli.