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Mobility Carpool app to be discontinued.

The Mobility Carpool app will be discontinued as of 13 May 2020. The reason for this is the lack of demand. There have not been enough users, so as a result the number of potential ride shares has been very limited.

The ride share app Mobility Carpool has been in operation since 2018. It can be used to share rides both in Mobility vehicles and privately owned cars. Due to the low level of demand, Mobility has now decided to temporarily discontinue the app and the service it provides as of Wednesday, 13 May 2020. All Carpool customer accounts will then be deleted and any credit will be repaid.

Mobility believes the main reason for the low demand is that Swiss people are reluctant to share their privacy. The time is probably not yet ripe for large-scale carpooling in this country. This doesn’t mean it will never happen, however. Mobility will continue to observe the market and will re-enter the field when reasonable opportunities arise. These opportunities might be: closed user groups, such as commuter solutions for companies, or the subdivision of journeys into sections.

Frequently asked questions

When will the Carpool app be deactivated?

It will be deactivated on 13 May 2020. Journeys planned up to this date can be carried out and will be charged/reimbursed accordingly by the end of the month.

What will happen to my customer account?

- Accounts belonging to customers who only registered with Carpool will be deleted.
- Customers who use their Mobility login for Carpool can continue to use their login for Mobility.

I still have remaining credit. What will happen to it?

Any remaining credit will be paid out by the end of May 2020.

Does this having anything to do with coronavirus?

Even though the COVID-19 situation did bring carpooling operations to a virtual standstill, the decision was arrived at before the lockdown occurred. As such, COVID-19 was not a factor in the closure of Mobility Carpool.

Is this a return to Mobility’s core business, i.e. return car sharing?

No. In addition to Return we still offer One-Way and also free-floating car sharing with Go. There are no plans to discontinue these services.


Questions, assistance, further information?

Please send an e-mail to carpool(at) There is no telephone support for Mobility Carpool.