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Zurich scooter scheme comes to an end.

The electric scooter scheme will be discontinued on 4 November 2019. The reasons for this are poor profitability prospects, intensified competition and technological challenges.

Approximately one and a half years after its launch, the pilot scooter scheme in Zurich will come to an end on 4 November. During this period, 200 red electric scooters were available for booking, use and parking in public parking spaces for two-wheel vehicles. Operation of the scheme was in fact satisfactory: users saw the advantages of the free-floating system and the scooters integrated smoothly into city traffic. This is shown by the fact that one in two scooter trips were taken in combination with public transport. What is more, the scooters were well distributed throughout the city area, so it was very seldom necessary to relocate them.

Discontinuation due to several factors

While numerous customers initially signed up for the scheme, numbers recently stagnated more and more (7’500). This is mainly because younger age groups are not automatically permitted to ride a scooter when they pass their driving test. In addition, the competitive situation in Zurich has intensified, new vehicle levies have been imposed in the city and challenges have arisen on the technological side. In particular, interaction between various hardware/software components such as on-board computers and top cases proved to be error-prone and cost-intensive. For these reasons, Mobility decided to discontinue the service.

Frequently asked questions

When will the scooters be physically removed from Zurich?

Within two weeks after 4 November 2019.

Will this involve any changes for customers in terms of subscriptions, prices etc.?

No, because every Mobility customer with a subscription has access to all schemes.

Why is the icon with the scooter still visible in the app?

The scooter icon will be replaced at the next app release in December 2019.

What will happen to the scooters afterwards? Can private individuals or companies buy one?

Interested parties should get in touch directly with: Etrix AG, Riedthofstrasse 122, 8105 Regensdorf, +41 43 931 00 45.

What about Go cars in Zurich in the future?

Zurich is the city with the most Mobility customers in Switzerland, so this would be of great interest in terms of Mobility Go. If the Zurich authorities enable free floating schemes with cars – which requires a special parking arrangements – so as to reduce the volume of private transport, we will certainly be interested in giving careful consideration to a potential market entry.

What about bike sharing or footboard scooters?

We are interested in all mobility services that can be shared – including bicycles. We keep a close eye on market developments and constantly evaluate potential transport options, including micro-mobility. At the moment, however, we are focusing primarily on the ongoing development of our existing range of schemes (Return, One-Way, Mobility Go and Carpool).