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Our fair play rules: considering others.

Mobility is based on mutual consideration and fair play. Thank you for observing the following rules:

1. Mobility Card is non-transferable

The Mobility Card is personal and non-transferable, with the exception of Business Car Sharing customers with transferable Mobility subscriptions. Any Mobility Card used improperly will be blocked.

2. Check for and report damage

Always check the vehicle for damage before setting off. Please report any damage immediately to the 24h Service Center on 0848 824 812. Mobility may hold you responsible for any damage you fail to report. Please immediately also report any damage you have caused.

3. Do not smoke in any Mobility vehicle


4. Keep the vehicle clean inside and out

Mobility cleans and maintains all its vehicles on a regular basis. However, you are required to remove clearly visible soiling for which you are responsible (at your own expense during the period of reservation).

5. Transport animals in suitable transport containers or on a blanket


6. Return vehicle on time

Timely returns ensure that the car sharing system is able to operate smoothly. Extensions of reservations are possible provided that the vehicle has not already been reserved.

7. Return the vehicle with the fuel tank at least one third full


8. Report occupied parking bays

If a Mobility parking bay is occupied by a different car and you cannot return your reserved vehicle, please use a permitted bay within sight of the regular one and inform our 24h Service Center immediately by calling 0848 824 812.