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One-way trips with Mobility One-Way.

The Mobility One-Way scheme allows you to place a one-way booking for a vehicle from Mobility station A to Mobility station B and simply leave it there. Whether you want to drive to the airport, transport something or travel conveniently when public transport services are limited – One-Way makes it all simple and straightforward.

How does Mobility One-Way work?

  • One-way trips can be made between specified stations using vehicles of the estate car category (Combi).
  • You can reserve one-way vehicles conveniently online (app, customer portal) or by phone.
  • The regular rate per hour and kilometre for the estate car category applies.
  • A one-way supplement of between CHF 7 and CHF 29 is charged for every one-way rental. iThe one-way supplement varies depending on distance, season and vehicle availability.

Mobility One-Way stations

Rate for private customers

Vehicle category
Time rate
Kilometre rate*
One-Way supplement
between 7.00 and 29.00
Prices in CHF, incl. VAT.
Click & Drive: +CHF 1.00/hr and +CHF 0.10/km
*Subject to fuel surcharges/discounts.

Rate for business customers

Vehicle category
Time rate
Kilometre rate*
One-Way supplement
between 7.00 and 29.00 (incl. VAT)
Prices in CHF, excl. VAT.
Business-Light: CHF 3.71/hr and CHF 0.84/km
*Subject to fuel surcharges/discounts.

Frequently asked questions

How do I know how much the one-way supplement will be for my trip?

The one-way supplement is between CHF 7 and CHF 29: it varies depending on distance, season and vehicle availability. You will see the relevant amount when you enter your reservation request in the app (also in the not logged in area) or customer portal. It is not possible to use the price calculator for this purpose.

Do I still have to pay the one-way supplement if I cancel the journey before setting off?

If you cancel the journey less than 10 hours in advance, the one-way supplement is payable along with any other fees (PDF). The reason for this is that short-term cancellations limit vehicle availability for other customers. In addition, at the time of cancellation Mobility may have already moved a vehicle to the required station specifically to cover your reservation. The supplement covers a small part of these internal costs.

Why are only cars in the estate car category available?

The estate car category (Combi) meets a wide range of needs and offers plenty of storage space.

Who can use Mobility One-Way?

The scheme is available to all private and business customers who hold a driving licence that is valid in Switzerland.

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