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One-way trips with Mobility-One-Way.

The Mobility-One-Way scheme allows you to book a vehicle from Mobility station A to Mobility station B and simply leave it there. At the moment there are seven stations to choose from. The scheme is being introduced in phases. Reservations can only be placed by calling the 24h Service Center (0848 824 812). It’s possible to make reservations in advance.

How does Mobility-One-Way work?

  • One-way trips can be made between the following Mobility stations:
    Basel railway station, Bern railway station, Lucerne railway station, Solothurn railway station, Zurich Altstetten railway station, Zurich central railway station and Zurich airport
  • Vehicles in the Combi (estate) category are available, which are specially labelled with "Mobility-One-Way"
  • The vehicles are parked in separate Mobility-One-Way parking spaces and have to be left in these special parking spaces after use
  • There is a Mobility-One-Way flat-rate charge of CHF 29 per trip
  • In addition to this, the regular hourly and kilometre rate for the estate car category applies

Rate for private customers

Vehicle category
Hourly rate
Kilometre rate*
Mobility-One-Way flat-rate charge
Prices in CHF, incl. VAT.
Click & Drive: +CHF 1.00/hr and +CHF 0.10/km
*Subject to fuel surcharges/discounts.

Rate for business customers

Vehicle category
Hourly rate
Kilometre rate*
Mobility-One-Way flat-rate charge
29.00 (incl. VAT)
Prices in CHF, excl. VAT.
Business-Light: CHF 3.71/hr and CHF 0.84/km
*Subject to fuel surcharges/discounts.

How do I reserve a car?

  • In order to make a reservation you require a valid Mobility subscription
  • You can only reserve your car by calling the 24h Service Center on 0848 824 812
  • Open your reserved One-Way vehicle with your Mobility Card or SwissPass and away you go

Mobility-One-Way stations

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to extend or shorten the reservation?

Yes, the reservation can be altered conveniently via app or customer portal, or else by calling the 24h Service Center (0848 824 812).

I am a Mobility customer. Can I make use of this scheme?

Yes, the scheme is available to all private and business customers.

I don't yet have a Mobility subscription. What do I have to do?

Simply sign up for a Mobility subscription first. You could select a four-month test subscription, for example, which is available from CHF 43.