How to turn teleworking into a great experience

Teleworking can run well on some days, but it can also be a source of demotivation or loneliness. We have put together the best advice for you on how to stay positive and calm every day.


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Teleworking can run well on some days, but it can also be a source of demotivation or loneliness. We have put together the best advice for you on how to stay positive and calm every day.

According to a survey conducted in 2019 by the Swiss Federal Statistical Office, only a quarter (24.6%) of workers in Switzerland were able to work from home (a.k.a. telework) on an occasional basis, whereas a survey by Columbus Consulting found that 80% of the country’s workforce said they would like to do so on a regular basis.

This mode of working is gaining momentum, particularly because of the situation around Covid-19, for which employers have had to find solutions. Although teleworking may, at first glance, seem an attractive proposition, finding the motivation to be productive can sometimes prove a struggle.

In a bid to help you achieve teleworking serenity, we’ve sourced a few hints and tips from the employees of car sharing provider Mobility, who’ve been practising it for many years:

1. Create new routines for yourself

Teleworking means you no longer have the commuting time that acted as a boundary between work and private life. That’s why it’s important to create new routines for yourself: in the morning when you start your working day, and in the evening when you resume your home life. To keep your morale up and maintain a positive image with your colleagues, don’t stay in your pyjamas all day long! Instead, take the time to get yourself ready for the day and wear something appropriate. That way, you’ll always be prepared for that last-minute online video meeting. To wind up a working day at home:

  • Go out for a walk in the fresh air,
  • Visit the local market, or
  • Do something else you enjoy.

2. Sort out your working environment:

It’s not always possible to have a dedicated office in an apartment; instead, create a small space for yourself that’s devoted to work and invest in some ergonomic furniture to maintain a good posture. Also, make sure your desk is well lit: your eyes will thank you for it and you’ll avoid headaches.

3. Stay in touch

One of the more complex aspects of teleworking is how to manage your contact with colleagues. You’ll find yourself missing human contact, the gossip and banter,the chaotic meetings, and even that colleague of yours who talks too much.

Be sure not to neglect this aspect or you’ll find yourself feeling isolated. Get into the habit of checking in regularly on your colleagues and/or organising communal online video coffee breaks. That will act as a welcome morale booster – for you and for them.

4. Manage your time wel

Plan your working day carefully: draw up your to-do list for the following day in order of speed of execution and priority. Crossing what you’ve accomplished during the day off the list is a satisfying feeling. What’s more, working from home doesn’t mean having to be available the whole time and forgetting your working hours. Set yourself a schedule: before and after these hours, switch

off your mobile phone and your computer: even if working from home, you have the right not to be contactable at all times.

Take a break in the morning and the afternoon to relax and e.g.:

  • Call a friend,
  • Put a wash on,
  • Pop out for ten minutes of fresh air, or
  • Do some stretching exercises.

5. Tell your household

If you don’t live alone, it can be a challenge to make the others understand that you’re working and that they shouldn’t knock on your door every 10 minutes. Block out set periods of time during which your family or flatmates shouldn’t disturb you. Tell them that they’ll have all your attention at the time you set. Establish a clear schedule and pin it up somewhere for all to see.

6. Stay positive!

For sure, the situation isn’t easy – and it’s far from over – but this piece of advice is arguably the most important: try to see things in a positive light, since

  • You’re spending more time with your nearest and dearest,
  • You’re spending far less time travelling, and
  • You have more time for yourself.

Mobility is confident that teleworking enhances its employees’ quality of life. To make the teleworking experience as enjoyable as possible, Mobility has taken steps to ensure that they continue to interact. The Lotto Café is one such initiative: to keep people in touch with each other, once a month Mobility brings together employees from different departments chosen at random to take a virtual coffee break together.

What about you – are there things you could be doing to improve your experience of working from home? We are looking forward to your comments.

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