Yes, we care! Getting together to protect the environment

Mobility is joining forces with its customers to break new, sustainable ground: from now on, the company will match every franc spent by users on carbon offsetting.


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What better way to help the environment than by taking concrete action? This is something Mobility strongly believes in: by 2030 at the latest, it aims to convert its fleet entirely to climate-friendly electromobility. In order to have a competent partner at its side, the cooperative is working closely with the Swiss climate foundation Myclimate. The latter’s initiative “Cause We Care” is entirely dedicated to the idea of companies getting together with their customers to protect the climate.

The driver pays 3 centimes – and so does Mobility

Mobility users now have the opportunity to invest 3 centimes for every kilometre they travel using the cooperative’s services. One half of this amount goes towards offsetting the carbon emissions they generate through their travel in the usual way. This is taken care of through support of “Myclimate” projects in Switzerland and abroad (e.g. climate-optimised forestry in Solothurn or the construction of biogas plants for families in India). The other half of the money is invested in the development of electric mobility and also support projects – such as e-training for customers and testing of charging concepts.

In addition, Mobility reaches into its own pockets in equal measure: “We will match every contribution made by our customers to drive forward our electrification programme,” says CFO Siegfried Wanner. “In this way, we can join forces to set up a powerful environmental fund.” Myclimate will act as a supervisory agent to ensure that the funds really are put to purposeful use. 

Achieving a lot with limited resources

Until now, Mobility offered its customers carbon offsetting for 1.5 centimes. The new rate of 3 centimes enables not just carbon offsetting but also investment in a sustainable future – and it’s a commitment that will hardly make any difference to the user’s budget. If you travel 400 kilometres a year with Mobility, for example, all you pay is CHF 12. So why not get involved? Let’s take action for the environment together!

Join us in protecting the climate

Would you like to join “Cause We Care”?

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Cause We Care – protecting the climate together.

The climate crisis is an enormous challenge that awaits all of us.

Mobility is collaborating closely with the climate foundation Myclimate in order to achieve its carbon neutrality goals. We talk to Myclimate spokesperson Kai Landwehr about climate protection in times of corona, whether Swiss companies are doing enough and how the money contributed by Mobility customers is spent.

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