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Mobility media releases 2012.

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Mobility car sharing: a trend that's growing in popularity

2011 Annual Statement

The Mobility Cooperative continued its growth trajectory in 2011. People are being increasingly attracted to the intelligent, sustainable and value-for-money solutions we offer to vehicle-based mobility. By the end of 2011 Mobility had more than 100'000 customers (+5'300) with access to 2'600 vehicles (+100) at 1'340 stations (+90). Total turnover was up 4.5%. Profits for the year under review fell by CHF 0.3 million to CHF 1.3 million. This was due mainly to write-downs in capital assets and one-off additional expenditure related to the introduction of the new car sharing software.

During the year under review Mobility acquired 5'300 new customers, gained 90 new stations (primarily in urban areas), and expanded its fuel-efficient fleet by 100 vehicles. By the end of 2011 its 100'000-plus customers had access to 2'600 vehicles parked at 1'340 stations across the length and breadth of Switzerland. This means that very nearly two-thirds of the country's residents have at least one Mobility vehicle in their municipality of residence. Cost management and the provision of parking are two issues of growing importance, which is why more and more companies are turning to the benefits offered by the Mobility model. Mobility grew its corporate customer portfolio by 200 new businesses in 2011.

Further growth in turnover - euro bonus squeezes profits

In 2011 the Mobility Cooperative chalked up consolidated sales of CHF 70.6 million (+4.5% on the previous year). Profits for the year were CHF 1.3 million (-21.8% on the previous year). The fall in annual profits is due mainly to two factors: a write-down of CHF 1.2 million made to the book value of the fleet owing to price erosion in the second-hand market, and increased staffing costs occasioned by the introduction of the new car sharing software, MobiSys 2.0.

Focus on enhancing customer service through new technologies

Mobility enjoys a sound financial footing. The legal form of the cooperative - one of the factors that have ensured Mobility's successful, steady development since its launch 15 years ago - is conducive to long-term thinking and the continuous reinvestment of profits in growth, operational resources, innovation and technology. Mobility's practical convenience is down to the fact that its technology meets customers' needs. As a self-service car sharing operation, Mobility offers fully automated reservations, vehicle access protocols and invoicing regime. This places immense demands on the software. The year under review saw Mobility lay the foundations for continuing growth with the successful introduction of its MobiSys 2.0 car sharing software. In a parallel move, its iApp "mobility car" was further enhanced for improved flexibility. Now, for instance, a simple shake of the iPhone is enough to display the location of the nearest vehicle, which can then be reserved with immediate effect. The handy navigation technology leads the customer directly to the vehicle in question. Mobility has now also issued an Android smartphone app for reservations.

Mobility car sharing: environmental responsibility that's good value

Mobility car sharing is a forward-looking form of mobility that caters for the intelligent integration of various transport options, including car, public transport and non-motorised solutions. The user benefits from high levels of availability and flexibility, user-friendly operation, and costs that are based on actual usage. A private car remains parked an average of 23 hours a day, although the fixed overheads accrue around the clock. Mobility car sharing is cost-friendly, in that users pay only for what they actually drive. This up-to-the-minute approach to mobility reduces the distances driven and thus helps cut the number of vehicles on Switzerland's roads. This translated into 16'900 fewer tonnes of CO2 in the atmosphere in 2011. These savings in CO2 are equivalent to more than 344'000 cars driving from St. Gallen to Geneva - more cars than were newly registered that year in Switzerland!

Car sharing in Austria – DENZEL Mobility CarSharing GmbH

The profile of car sharing is rising in Austria, with the public sector taking an increasingly keen interest in the topic. Local councils, too, are recognising in ever greater numbers the benefits of car sharing. Vienna is looking to include it in their planned package of measures aimed at reducing dependency on private transport. Even so, it is taking longer than expected to raise acceptance amongst the general population. Customer growth, sales and profit have come in below expectations in 2011.

Further information
Viviana Buchmann, Managing Director, tel. 041 248 23 20, v.buchmann(at)
Alain Barmettler, Head of Marketing & Communication, tel. 041 248 21 41, a.barmettler(at)

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