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Informed reporting.Mobility media releases 2013.

12.12.2013Download press release as PDF

Mobility fleet receives Mercedes A-Class and Renault Zoe

Mobility car sharing continuously enhances its choice of vehicles. Customers now have access to 20 Mercedes A 180 CDI saloons and 19 Renault Zoe all-electric city runabouts.

Cars have to meet Mobility's stringent criteria to be considered for induction into its fleet. They have to fulfil the highest safety standards, demonstrate ease of use and, importantly, deliver low fuel consumption. It is worth noting that carbon emissions of Mobility's new cars are already 15% below the 2015 targets set by the Swiss government.

The latest vehicles to join the Mobility fleet meet these criteria with flying colours: the car sharing specialist is stationing 20 Mercedes A 180 CDI saloons and 19 azure-blue electric Renault Zoes at urban sites with immediate effect. The Zoe features a 65 kW electric motor delivering 88 BHP for a lively performance around town as well as on the motorway. It has a range of up to 100 kilometres.

Alain Barmettler, Head of Marketing & Communication, 041 248 21 41, a.barmettler(at)





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Mobility mit GfM-Marketingpreis ausgezeichnet

Mobility Carsharing durfte am 29. Oktober in Zürich den renommierten GfM-Marketingpreis entgegennehmen. Die Jury würdigte die Genossenschaft unter anderem für ihre unablässigen Nachhaltigkeitsbemühungen, ihre Innovationskraft sowie die vielfältigen Angebote. 

Seit 1984 kürt die Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Marketing (GfM) jährlich jenes Unternehmen, das es am besten schafft, nachhaltigen Unternehmenserfolg mit Innovationsgeist und herausragenden Marketingleistungen zu verknüpfen. Dieses Jahr entschied sich die Jury unter 77 nominierten Unternehmen für Mobility Carsharing.

Die Gesellschaft für Marketing begründet ihren Entscheid mit dem kundenfreundlichen Gesamtkonzept. „Mobility schafft es nicht nur, Carsharing einfach und flexibel zu gestalten, sondern auch kostensparend und für alle zugänglich“, erklärt GfM-Geschäftsführer Jean-Marc Grand. Heute steht zwei Dritteln aller Schweizer in ihrer Gemeinde mindestens ein Mobility-Fahrzeug zur Verfügung. Eine äusserst engmaschige Abdeckung, die mit einem breiten, zielgruppengerechten Angebot für Privat- und Businesskunden einher geht. „Als Pionierin dieser Mobilitätsform entwickelt Mobility ihre Angebotswelt und Technologie stetig weiter.“ Davon profitiert nicht zuletzt die Umwelt: Dank Mobility werden jährlich 18‘000 Tonnen CO2, 23‘000 Privatautos und 35‘000 Parkplätze eingespart. “Summa summarum hat sich Mobility den GfM-Marketingpreis redlich verdient“, schliesst Grand. 

Mobility-Geschäftsführerin Viviana Buchmann nahm die Auszeichnung stellvertretend für alle Mitarbeitenden entgegen: „Wir freuen uns enorm, dass die Öffentlichkeit unsere Leistungen wahrnimmt und schätzt. Das bestätigt, dass es unser Mobilitätskonzept aus der Nische geschafft hat. Wer heute an Mobilität denkt, denkt auch an Mobility.“ Buchmann kündigte an, dass Mobility in Zukunft mit derselben Zugkraft vorangehen werde, um möglichst viele Schweizer von Carsharing zu begeistern.

Das mit der Auszeichnung verbundene Preisgeld stiftet das Unternehmen „Tischlein deck Dich“, einer Organisation, die überschüssige Lebensmittel an hilfsbedürftige Menschen verteilt. Mit diesem Betrag können die Kosten der Ausgabestelle Luzern ein Jahr lang gedeckt werden.


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Patrick Eigenmann, Verantwortlicher Kommunikation&Medien, 041 248 21 11, p.eigenmann(at)
Viviana Buchmann, Geschäftsleiterin, v.buchmann(at)

Jean-Marc Grand, Geschäftsführer, 044 202 07 10, jean-marc.grand(at)

05.08.2013Download press release as PDF

More green space for apartment complexes thanks to Mobility's new solution

mobility@home brings car sharing vehicles directly to the front door of Switzerland's apartment complexes. This makes it possible for residents to access economical mobility; it also allows the owners of the complexes to reduce the number of private parking bays they need to provide by up to nine per shared car – and to replace them with green spaces.

Switzerland's built environment is increasing in density by the day. Today some 75 per cent1 of the Swiss population live in an urban environment. Mobility Managing Director Viviana Buchmann is convinced: "That is why it is so important that society and the commercial sector implement sustainable measures to safeguard and promote green spaces." Mobility is doing its bit by launching mobility@home, a solution that integrates the car sharing concept directly into apartment complexes. "A car sharing vehicle replaces up to nine privately owned cars and cuts down on the need for at least an equivalent number of parking spaces," says Buchmann. This releases space that can be used for green or recreational space, which in turn has a positive impact on social interaction, on residents' quality of life and on pollutant emissions." Our aim is to make our red cars as much part of the fabric of a residential development as lifts or playgrounds."

Win-win situation for owners…

mobility@home offers the owners of apartment complexes a choice of estate cars, hybrids and all-electric cars, all maintained by Mobility and paid for by means of an annual all-in fee. This delivers a range of benefits: a reduction in the construction and maintenance costs for parking spaces, more space for greenery, and the promise of inexpensive motoring mobility that starts right outside residents' front doors. All factors that boost the property's marketing potential. Alec von Graffenried, Head of Property Development Central at contractors Losinger Marazzi says: "We find mobility@home a very interesting product that is sure to enhance the attractiveness of a great many residential developments. We will be incorporating it into our future plans."

…and for residents

For their part, residents benefit from environmentally responsible mobility that saves them an average of CHF 4000 in mobility costs a year compared to owning their own car. In addition, under mobility@home, every resident receives a Mobility subscription that grants them access to all of Mobility's 2650 vehicles across the length and breadth of Switzerland.

First customer: GenerationenWohnen
The first customer to take advantage of the mobility@home solution is the cooperative GenerationenWohnen, developer of an intergenerational residential complex in Burgdorf. Viviana Buchmann is delighted: "We are confident that many more such apartment complexes will opt for our sustainable mobility solution."



1 Wert und Nutzen von Grünräumen, Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), 2010

Viviana Buchmann, Managing Director, tel. 041 248 23 20, v.buchmann(at)
Alain Barmettler, Head of Marketing & Communication, tel. 041 248 21 41, a.barmettler(at)

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Mobility introduces modern electromobility to Swiss towns

Mobility customers in eight towns and cities are being given the chance to try out the Renault Twizy vehicle. This innovative, light-as-air city runabout is available for hire at especially low rates between 9 July and 6 October.

Modern automobility pared down to its essentials: four wheels, two tandem-style seats, seat belts, an airbag and a steering wheel. That's the Renault Twizy. As part of a unique campaign, this agile, space-saving electric vehicle is being offered by Mobility until the autumn.

To allow as many Mobility customers as possible to sample the open-air driving experience, two Twizys are touring Switzerland's towns and cities until 6 October 2013: the tour kicks off in Lucerne and Lausanne on Tuesday, 9 July, after which it continues to Winterthur, Bern, Basel, Geneva, Zurich and St. Gallen. For three weeks at a time, these towns will have a Twizy available to Mobility customers on very attractive terms. Alain Barmettler, Head of Marketing & Communication at Mobility Car Sharing, is delighted: "This campaign gives our customers the chance to experience what it is like to drive an all-electric vehicle and to see the direction that electromobility is taking." The Twizy is just 1.2 metres wide; it has scissor-action doors and can hit a top speed of 80 km/h. It is chargeable from any 230 V household supply.

Alain Barmettler, Head of Marketing & Communication, 041 248 21 41, a.barmettler(at)
Patrick Eigenmann, Communication and Media Executive, p.eigenmann(at)

25.03.2013Download press release as PDF

One in 60 adults is a Mobility customer

Mobility Car Sharing announces its annual results for 2012

Mobility Car Sharing signed up a further 3'000 drivers in 2012 and now numbers 105'100 customers. This means that one in 60 adults in the Swiss population now benefits from cost-effective mobility involving 2'650 vehicles available around the clock at 1'380 hire stations throughout Switzerland. The Mobility Group's financial year closed with a consolidated turnover of CHF 70.8 million (+1.0%) and net profits of CHF 1.5 million (+12.7%).

Attracted to the prospect of simple, cost-effective and environmentally responsible motoring, a further 3'000 customers joined Mobility in 2012, i.e. +2.9% up on the previous year. The total now stands at 105'100. The company also expanded its network of hire stations: customers are currently able to access 2'650 vehicles (50 more than the previous year) at over 1'380 hire stations (up 40 on the previous year). Viviana Buchmann, Managing Director: "Our first priorities here at Mobility are customer service and a diversified product portfolio." Railway stations remain important hire locations for Mobility. Buchmann explains: "Car sharers tend to combine car use with public transport. That is why we make 1'060 of our vehicles available at 386 railway stations."

Mobility: growth on a firm financial footing with new products and offers in the pipeline

The consolidated turnover of the Mobility Cooperative rose to CHF 70.8 million in the year under review (+1.0% compared to previous year). The EBIT earnings of CHF 1.4 million were below that of the previous year's CHF 2.0 million. The main reason for this was the huge drop in prices in the second-hand car market, which obliged the company to make substantial write-downs on its vehicle stock. Consolidated annual profits rose to CHF 1.5 million on the back of lower financing costs and the sale of the Austrian investment company (previous year: CHF 1.3 million).

Mobility intends to pursue its growth trajectory in 2013. With new products and packages aimed at residents of low-car / car-free zones, business and pool vehicle operators and young drivers, it is looking to attract more customers - especially in the country's urban centres.

Mobility saves parking spaces, fuel and CO2

In the year under review, Mobility Car Sharing Switzerland commissioned Interface, specialists in policy studies, research and consulting, to update a study first carried out in 2006 by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy ("Evaluation Carsharing"). The results confirm the positive impact of car sharing: if Mobility did not exist, 22% of households and 50% of business customers would acquire an additional car. This would put 23'000 more vehicles on Switzerland's roads, which would need 35'000 parking spaces. The study also shows that Mobility exerts a positive effect on greenhouse gas emissions: annual CO2 emissions are cut by 18'000 tonnes, equivalent to 13'500 flights between Zurich and New York.


Viviana Buchmann, Managing Director, tel. 041 248 23 20, v.buchmann(at)
Patrick Eigenmann, Media Officer, tel. 041 248 21 12, p.eigenmann(at)

11.02.2013Download press release as PDF

A study confirms that Mobility saves 35'000 parking spaces

Mobility's car sharing scheme is attracting a growing number of drivers keen to benefit from combined mobility and environmentally responsible motoring. The results of an Interface study commissioned by Mobility spell out the nature of these benefits: car sharers save 35'000 parking spaces, with 23'000 fewer vehicles on Switzerland's roads. They also reduce their carbon footprint by an annual 18'000 tonnes of CO2.

In 2012, Mobility car sharing commissioned Interface to update the representative study carried out in 2006 by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy ("Evaluation Carsharing"). The results make interesting reading.

Mobility's scheme leads to more car-free households and fewer parking spaces
30.5% of those surveyed said that joining the car sharing scheme prompted them to sell at least one privately owned motor vehicle. Another way of putting this is: if Mobility did not exist, 22% of households and 50% of business customers would today have an additional car. If you put private and business users together, this would amount to an additional 23'000 new cars on the road. The extra parking area required would be equivalent to 120 football pitches or 35'000 parking spaces. Mobility CEO Viviana Buchmann is delighted: "By replacing up to nine privately owned vehicles, a Mobility car helps reduce the number of cars on the road and free up valuable parking spaces. That is not only good for the environment, but also creates more space. And that space is coming under increasing pressure, especially in our urban centres."

Mobility's scheme changes how people manage their mobility and encourages use of public transport
A Mobility subscription exerts a fundamental effect on the way people behave. One effect is that they have fewer or no vehicles of their own. Another is that, although car sharers travel almost the same distance daily as the rest of the Swiss population with a driving licence, almost 50% of this is by public transport (rest of the population with a driving licence: 18%).

Fewer CO2 emissions thanks to Mobility
This change of behaviour when it comes to the mobility of car sharers is beneficial in terms of energy consumption. Car sharers save a lot of fuel. In fact, the average Swiss car could drive almost 69 million kilometres a year on the fuel saved. CO2 emissions are cut by around 18'000 tonnes, equivalent to the emissions of 13'500 flights between Zurich and New York.

Summary "Evaluation Carsharing" 2012 (PDF)

Viviana Buchmann, CEO, telephone 041 248 23 20, v.buchmann(at)
Patrick Eigenmann, Media Officer, telephone 041 248 21 12, p.eigenmann(at)

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