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Mobility media releases 2014.

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Mobility vehicles are much more energy-efficient than the Swiss average

According to the latest figures issued by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy, the CO2 emissions of new automobiles in Switzerland in 2013 was 145 g/km. The Mobility Carsharing figure is more than a third below this level.

Swiss car sharing provider Mobility is committed to sustainability at all levels of the company. The Lucerne-based operation attaches particular importance to an energy-efficient fleet. "We do everything to be able to offer our customers safe, low-emissions vehicles so as to reduce the impact on the environment," says media officer Patrick Eigenmann. He said the company was especially proud to have reduced the CO2 emissions level of the new red cars to 95 grams CO2 per kilometre. "This puts us 35% below the Swiss average and well within federal limits." The latter allows a maximum of 130 g CO2/km as of 2015. The figure for the Mobility fleet as a whole is 130 g CO2/km.

Mobility users save thousands of tonnes of CO2
Mobility’s economical fleet makes a major contribution to environmental compatibility, but another key factor is its customers’ mobility practices: they travel just as much as private car owners but often use public transportation or a bicycle instead of taking the car. As a result of this more prudent, more selective mobility there are 25’700 fewer cars on Swiss roads. This is equivalent to 19’800 tonnes of CO2 or 485’000 car trips from St. Gallen to Geneva.

Patrick Eigenmann, Communication & Media Officer, 041 248 21 11, p.eigenmann(at)

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Mobility continues its path to success in 2013

Innovation, improving efficiency and positive conditions

The Mobility Group convinced a further 6’900 customers of the benefits of car sharing last year through new and innovative products and services. Thanks to major efforts in the marketplace, improvements in efficiency and favourable conditions, the volume of motoring undertaken through Mobility rose by 2.8%. The company announced a consolidated operating profit of
CHF 70.3 million and a net annual profit of CHF 3.7 million.

Mobility achieved its objective of convincing more young people of the advantages of car sharing in 2013: more young people joined the Lucerne-based cooperative than ever before. Two initiatives in particular bore fruit: mobility4learners for learner drivers and mobility@campus for students. Now 112’000 customers (up 6’900 compared to the previous year) have access to 2’650 vehicles based at 1’395 Mobility stations. Managing Director Viviana Buchmann is confident that the growth trend will continue: "Growing numbers of young people want to be mobile, but they also want to be flexible and free to move around. For them, car sharing is the ideal solution."

Excellent annual results

Mobility posted a consolidated operating profit of CHF 70.3 million for 2013 (previous year: CHF 70.8 million). The slight drop can be accounted for by the absence of the Austrian investment company Denzel Mobility Carsharing GmbH. The net annual profit came to CHF 3.7 million (previous year: CHF 1.5 million). The result was boosted by an increase in the amount driven by customers in Switzerland, by improved operating efficiencies and by reductions in damage-related costs. The second-hand market continues to prove challenging, which again resulted in write-downs in the value of Mobility’s vehicle stock, although not to the extent of the previous year.

More companies relying on Mobility business car sharing

Demand from corporate customers, like that from private customers, is rising steadily. Business car sharing is currently responsible for 23.5 % of Mobility’s overall revenues related directly to motoring. In a bid to improve responsiveness to customer needs, the cooperative added two innovations to its portfolio of products and services in the reporting year. Pool Car Sharing involved equipping companies' own cars with car sharing technology, while mobility@home integrates car sharing vehicles within residential complexes.

Positive impacts on the environment

The more Mobility customers there are, the better it is for the environment. This finding, which emerges from a study titled "Evaluation Carsharing" by specialists Interface Politikstudien Forschung Beratung, makes clear the benefits. If Mobility did not exist, around 25’700 extra vehicles would be driving around on Switzerland's roads and requiring an additional 38’500 parking spaces. This is equivalent to a saving of 19’800 tonnes of CO2 or 485’000 car trips from St. Gallen to Geneva. The positive impacts are boosted by the efficiency of Mobility’s new vehicles, which emit just 95 grams of CO2 per kilometre – around 60 grams less than the average new car sold in Switzerland.

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Viviana Buchmann, Managing Director, telephone 041 248 23 20,
Patrick Eigenmann, Communications and Media Officer, telephone 041 248 21 11,

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Latest Mobility innovation: Online registration and immediate access

New Mobility customers have reason to be delighted: within 60 minutes of registering online they have access to all of Mobility's car sharing vehicles throughout Switzerland. This instant access innovation launched by the Lucerne-based cooperative follows hot on the heels of its website relaunch.

Mobility is moving with the times and delighted to be presenting its new-look, easy-to-use website capable of adapting to different screen sizes. At the same time, the company is rolling out a number of customer-friendly innovations, including Google-based mapping showing the nearest Mobility stations - and an instant access product named "Drive away immediately". This clever option is aimed at would-be car sharers in a hurry, explains Patrick Eigenmann, Mobility's Communication & Media Executive: "The conventional solution lets the new customer have a Mobility Card in three working days. Now it's just 60 minutes." This eases the customer's entry into the world of car sharing: "People today seek spontaneous purchasing decisions that deliver immediate benefits. Our instant access product falls exactly into that category," says Eigenmann.

The "Drive away immediately" procedure is simplicity itself: it involves completing an online form, uploading a photo of the driving licence, paying by credit card or PostFinance card and reserving the vehicle. Mobility immediately checks the driving licence. If all is well, it then opens the vehicle by remote control when the customer is standing by it and has called the 24h Service Center on 0848 824 812. Mobility Cards for these new customers are kept in all of Mobility's 2650 vehicles throughout Switzerland. The card is made personal to the customer during the telephone call, at which point it becomes the electronic key to all the vehicles.

Patrick Eigenmann, Communication & Media Executive, 041 248 21 11, p.eigenmann(at)

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