Social sustainability

Community satisfaction is high

Customer feedback is one of the most important indicators in measuring success. This is why 15’000 questionnaires were sent out last year, with a response rate of 17 %. Overall, Mobility scored 4.3 out of a maximum score of 5. The 24h Service Center scored particularly highly (4.7 for friendliness and 4.5 for expertise). The same is true for the journey evaluation (4.5 for ease of finding the stations and 4.4 for service). Unchanged from last year, nine out of ten users would recommend Mobility to others.

Mobility is supporting Nez Rouge

Every year in December, the Nez Rouge initiative takes motorists home who are no longer able to drive. Mobility’s latest accomplishment in the canton of Zurich is committing itself as an exclusive vehicle partner for the initiative for the first time. Almost 800 car sharing vehicles have been made available for use by Nez Rouge drivers. All non-members received a free trial subscription for this. Our verdict is that this is a sensible, tried and tested initiative for making traffic safer.

Mobility’s last Smart car is raising money for a good cause

Mobility customers have been driving around in Smart cars for 20 years. During this time, the compact cars have circumnavigated the Earth over 1’000 times. But this chapter is now coming to an end as Mobility’s last Smart car has now gone under the hammer. In the run-up to this, the community decided to give proceeds from the sale to the environmental foundation myclimate. The auction resulted in a donation of CHF 6’500 to a programme that promotes climate protection projects for young people.

Modern ways of working during the pandemic

Many Mobility employees do their jobs independently of time and location – and have been for years. Implementing mandatory remote working in 2021 was therefore no problem for the company. A high degree of independence among employees is deeply rooted in the company’s culture. They also strongly identify with the car sharing provider, which is encouragingly evident in the very high level of commitment reported in the employee surveys.

A fair employer

Generous social benefits are also a cornerstone of life at Mobility. For example, the company supports its employees with financial contributions towards public transport tickets and mobile phone contracts. In addition to this, four weeks’ paternity leave and 16 weeks’ maternity leave are provided for employees on full pay. A wage parity analysis performed this fiscal year also demonstrated that, for the same position and level of experience, there is practically no wage disparity between the genders at Mobility.

Financial Report and Cooperative Governance

Soon, one in ten Mobility cars will be electric.

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