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Individual planning.a Mobility-Flex station for residential complexes.

Open a car sharing station at your residential complex with Mobility-Flex and give your residents trend-setting, low-cost mobility. Mobility issues free subscriptions to all residents who wish to sign up.

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How residential complexes benefit from Mobility-Flex

Select the appropriate vehicle category for your residential complex

Vehicle categoryRates
BudgetCHF 16'650
MicroCHF 16'900
EconomyCHF 17'500
ElectroCHF 17'700
CombiCHF 18'950
MinivanCHF 25'600
Rates per year/not incl. VAT
Price calculation example

The annual charge includes:

Consultation on 0848 824 812

Questions, further information, order? This is the place to go.

Frequently asked questions

How can people who live in residential complexes acquire a Mobility subscription?

Mobility offers free Mobility subscriptions to all residents who wish to sign up. The Mobility provides the partner with advertising material such as flyers and posters promoting "Mobility-Flex for residential complexes" so as to generate as much use of the vehicle as possible.

What rate applies to people who live in the residential complex?

The private customer rate applies to residents. Reimbursement rate for sales generated by your Mobility-Flex car: 75%

Who can use the Mobility vehicle at my residential complex?

Your Mobility vehicle can be used by people who live in your residential complex and by all other Mobility customers. The more the car is used, the more you are reimbursed for sales generated by the car.

If I place a Mobility vehicle in my residential complex, how many users are ideally needed to ensure optimum capacity utilisation?

Our calculation is based on approx. 150 apartments and some 40 active users.

Who provides the parking space for the Mobility-Flex car?

You provide the parking space and Mobility labels the space with the Mobility inscription. Please ensure that the parking space is accessible on a round-the-clock basis so as to ensure it is put to full use. The parking space also requires GSM reception.

I’m interested in the vehicle category Electro. What do I have to take into account here?

If you opt for the Electro category, you have to provide the charging facility and the electrical installations required. We will be glad to advise you on the right choice and installation of the charging facility. We reimburse you on an annual basis for all electricity costs incurred by car charging.

Can I calculate how much a trip in the Mobility vehicle will cost my staff or other Mobility customers?

The price calculator is a simple tool for calculating the cost of a trip. Select the required period of time and the preferred vehicle category or categories, then enter the number of kilometres you are planning to travel. Finally, click on “Calculate price” and you will see how much the journey entered will cost with the various Mobility subscriptions.

How much do my staff pay for a Mobility subscription?

The Mobility subscription for business customers is available either as a non-transferable or a transferable option. You benefit from special terms and conditions if you order 30 subscriptions or more. Apart from the annual subscription, you only pay for what you use: from CHF 2.33/h and CHF 0.46/km (not incl. VAT). Reimbursement rate for business-related sales generated by your Mobility-Flex vehicle: 100%.

What are the Mobility-Flex contractual conditions?

The contract is valid for 24 months from the date of vehicle placement. It can then be terminated without charge as of the end of a month: a three-month period of notice applies.