Mobility x Art

The VW ID.3 kicks off Mobility x Art as a work of art designed by Swiss artist Gigga Hug. Together with Cristina Gallizia, winner of the Watson-Young competition, a colourful car was created that will be seen throughout the whole of Switzerland over the course of the next 12 months as part of the Mobility fleet.

What would you do to be allowed to design a Mobility car?

This was the Cristina Gallizia answer gave for the Watson-Young competition: “Fill a car with meals, food and tampons and distribute it all to homeless people” – and that was what won her the most votes. Together with Lars Kläger, Chief Commerce Officer of Mobility, she headed off to Gassencafé Sunestube run by the charity organisation Sozialwerk Pfarrer Sieber in Zurich on 4 December. In the boot of the freshly designed ID.3: lots of Christmas bags filled with toiletries and food.

Cristina Gallizia (winner of the Watson-Young competition) and Lars Kläger (CCO Mobility) next to the newly decorated ID.3

Share your experience of the art car

Gigga Hug and Cristina Gallizia wanted to create a brightly coloured, cheerful car where the speed at which the car moves has an effect on the colours. What happens when colour meets speed?  

Find out for yourself: experience your personal mobility art moment in the unique ID.3. Would you like to receive a CHF 20 drive credit for your next Mobility adventure? If so, share a photo of your art car experience on Instagram using the hashtag #mymobilitymoment with the label @mobility_carsharing. We can’t wait to hear all about it.

You can book by phone on 0848 824 812. When placing your reservation by telephone, please quote the number ZH 202089 (8 centimes/minute on a landline).

Mobility x Art stations

December 2021 / January 2022:Zurich Europaallee
February 2022:Zurich Stolzestrasse
March 2022:Uster railway station
April 2022:Lucerne railway station
May 2022:Brugg railway station
June 2022:Aarau railway station
July 2022:Bern railway station
August 2022:Geneva Cornavin railway station
September 2022:Lausanne Montbenon
October 2022:Basel railway station SBB (Parkhaus Bahnhof Süd)
November 2022:St. Gallen railway station (Appenzell Railways)
December 2022:Wil (SG) railway station
January 2023:Wil (SG) railway station

Subject to change without notice.

About the artist: Gigga Hug

Brush strokes on paper become the stuff of dreams through digital processing. These multi-coloured works have an almost fabric-like texture which emerges thread by thread. At the same time, a powerful three-dimensional effect draws the viewer deep into the image. With trance-like certainty, Gigga Hug always determines the end point of the artistic process – precisely the point at which analogue painting is transformed into digital art. (Copy: Tina Uhlmann)

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Find out why positive stress is one of the reasons Gigga Hug became an artist.

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