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Solutions for business customers.starting 6 December 2017.

On 6 December Mobility is simplifying its portfolio of solutions for business customers as well as for private customers. What’s more, business customers will benefit from a new discount system, which replaces the current savings solutions. All costs relating to business subscriptions and journeys are billed on a monthly basis.

Existing Mobility business customers are being personally notified of the conversion to the new system. Until the changeover date, the current subscriptions and rates remain in force.

Business subscription

The business subscription will remain personal or transferable. However, they are now coming down in price and will be billed on a monthly basis. The more subscriptions a business customer obtains, the greater the drop in costs. The sliding scale starts at five subscriptions.

Business trial subscription

Companies now have the chance to try Mobility for four months on a trial basis. The subscription costs are similar to those of the business subscription, but the journeys are billed on a monthly basis.


Business-Light is a solution for occasional car sharing users. There are no subscription costs, but both the hourly rate and kilometre rate are slightly higher than those involving business subscriptions.

Business subscription
(12 Monate)
Business trial subscription
(4 Monate)
Costs per subscription/month
up to 4 subscriptionsCHF 8.00CHF 16.00

CHF 8.00

CHF 16.00

no subscription costs
5-24 subscriptionsCHF 6.00CHF 12.00
25-100 subscriptionsCHF 4.00CHF 8.00
>100 subscriptionsCHF 2.50CHF 5.00
Drive rate
(new rate from 6.12.2017)
Business rateBusiness rateBusiness-Light rate
DiscountRises depending on drive volume
(up to 20%)
Rises depending on drive volume
(up to 20%)
Rises depending on drive volume
(up to 20%)
Option: Policy deductible 300 business
reduction in the policy deductible from CHF 2’500 to CHF 300.
up to 24 subscriptionsCHF 12.00CHF 36.00

CHF 12.00

CHF 36.00

CHF 20.00
per reservation (incl. VAT)
25-100 subscriptionsCHF 9.00CHF 27.00
>100 subscriptionsCHF 6.00CHF 18.00

All prices exclude VAT. In addition to the subscription fee, an hourly and kilometre rate is levied for each journey.

Discount system: the greater the drive volume, the greater the discount

The discount system is based on a company’s total annual drive volume. Business customers achieving a drive volume of CHF 5’000 Franken and over receive a discount on all their journeys the following year. This new solution replaces the basic discount and the Basic and Plus drive rates.

This is how it works:
The total drive volume of all the subscriptions within an organisation are added together. This includes the drive volume generated by trial business subscriptions and the Business-Light product. As soon as the total is CHF 5’000 or more, the business customer receives a discount on all his journeys the following year at the corresponding discount level:

Drive volume/year
in thousands of CHF
in the following year
The drive volume which qualifies for a discount is calculated on a calendar year basis (including VAT) and determines the discount level for the following year.

Frequently asked questions

I have just obtained a Mobility-Basic or Mobility-Plus under the old terms. Can I immediately change or cancel?

Existing customers will be transferred to the new products from Mach 2018 onwards. When changing existing subscriptions, any amounts already paid (subscription and policy deductible 300 business) will be credited to the new subscription fees on a pro rata basis.

What is the difference between Click & Drive and Business-Light?

Click & Drive is a solution for private customers, while Business-Light is for organisations. The basic idea is the same: both are conceived for occasional users. The rates for business customers are shown exclusive of VAT. Journeys undertaken under Business-Light are billed on a monthly basis (Click & Drive can only be paid by credit card). The journeys are included in the calculations for the drive volume discount.

What payment options do I have?

The same as before: invoice (paying-in slip), direct debit or credit card