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This is how much your car really costs

A private car is a real money grabber: It consumes more than CHF 10’000 francs every year. We break down these costs in detail and compare them to the Mobility car-sharing scheme.

"Refuelling, changing tyres... I would say a few hundred francs." This is probably the most frequent answer when car owners are asked about their annual expenses. Far off the mark: According to the latest analyses* of the Touring Club Switzerland (TCS), a whopping CHF 10'600 is spent. People often forget that private cars cost money even when they’re not being driven. This is in complete contrast to Mobility, where you only pay when you actually drive.

Specifically, the following amounts are payable per year for a vehicle:

  • Vehicle protection: Liability insurance and partial cover are standard but come at a price of around CHF 1’200. Mobility customers, meanwhile, are automatically fully covered.
  • A roof over the roof: Mr and Ms Swiss cough up some CHF 1’500 for their parking space or car park. An amount that carsharers can put straight into their piggybank.
  • Tyre dance: Tyres are an important safety factor and they have to be replaced in good time. TCS estimate: CHF 630.

Mobility and public transport save you an average of CHF 4’000 a year – as well as a great deal of valuable time.

  • The largest chunk: The purchase price of a car is often ignored. Experts expect a total depreciation after ten years, which corresponds to depreciation of CHF 3‘500 each year for TCS’s sample car. Ouch.
  • To make sure it runs: Service and repairs amount to CHF 830. Mobility users don’t have to take care of anything.
  • "O’zapft is" (it’s tapped): With CHF 1'520 you nourish the fuel pump. When you use car-sharing, the fuel is already included in the journey rates (from CHF 0.52/km and CHF 2.80/h).
  • Hefty extras: Taxes, interest and other expenses amount to CHF 750.
  • Conclusion: Very few people are aware of how expensive a private car actually is. While Mobility and public transport are of course not free, they save an average of CHF 4’000** per year. It is therefore worthwhile asking yourself the right questions.

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*   Sample TCS car: Mileage: 15’000km, original price: CHF 35’000
** 75% public transport, 25% car mobility