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Long journeys have never been cheaper

Mobility Best Price has brought a relieved smile to the faces of carsharers. This is because the price model means that longer journeys are considerably cheaper. Up to CHF 96 can be saved each day.

Simply head off and benefit right away: As of late, Mobility has been offering capped costs for journeys of up to 24 hours and 200 kilometres. For example, members of the cooperative pay a maximum of CHF 110 per day for a budget car. However, the most savings are to be made with the Emotion model: the various Audi models cost up to CHF 96 less. A savings potential that multiplies when you are on the road for several days. By the way: As a member of the cooperative, you always have an advantage of CHF 10 over annual or test subscribers.

Customers are pleased
Since introducing Best Price, Mobility has been receiving more and more customer feedback like the following:

"When I saw my Mobility invoice, I was pleasantly surprised: the amount was a lot lower than I had expected. I now know about Best Price. A wonderful thing!"

Martin, Zurich

"Thanks to your new prices, I am able to treat myself to a day trip from time to time."

Seraina, Chur

"A lot better and clearer than the Economy Packages. Thank you!"

Nick, Stans