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Full commitment to a clean solution

Every crisis has its heroes. At Mobility, these are the vehicle attendants who ensure that all shared vehicles are kept as safe and clean as possible. We would like to say a big thank you to them – and answer the most frequently asked questions about hygiene.

They ensure safety and cleanliness with their hard work, skill and commitment: 217 vehicle attendants look after the more than 3’100 cars at 1’500 stations throughout Switzerland. In times of COVID-19 in particular, this is an enormously important and challenging task, says Managing Director Roland Lötscher: While the administration works from the home, our service staff are constantly out and about, tirelessly doing their job. We should like to say a big thank you to them – and no doubt all our car sharers feel the same way.

The issue of cleaning and hygiene is certainly of interest to many carsharing users. Here, Mobility answers the five most frequently asked questions:

How often does Mobility clean its vehicles?

As always we clean our cars regularly, depending on the frequency of use, and always using disinfectants. In other words, cars that are used frequently are cleaned more often. We have also increased cleaning frequency due to coronavirus – although with over 3’100 cars, it would be impossible to clean each one after every trip. This is why prevention efforts on the part of each individual user are still absolutely essential.

How is cleaning carried out?

The main focus is the interior, especially door handles, the steering wheel, instrument panels and levers. Effective, professional disinfectants are used for this purpose. Customers are welcome to use their own disinfectants before and after their journey if they wish.

I have flu symptoms. Can I still drive?

Mobility guarantees transportation in Switzerland as required, even in difficult times. In the event of typical coronavirus symptoms and/or when taking drive-in tests, we ask you only to use Mobility if absolutely essential. If the test results are positive, please contact Mobility immediately so we can have the car blocked and decontaminated. Only after this has been carried out will it go back on the road.

How does Mobility protect its service staff?

Our employees undergo special training. The focus here is on self-protection in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Federal Office of Public Health. Disposable gloves and special disinfectants are provided.

Where can I find more information on this subject?