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Monthly rentals: making sure help gets to where it’s needed

In order to provide transportation options in Switzerland in the times of COVID-19, Mobility cars are now available on a monthly rental basis at cost price. The scheme is booming – both in the healthcare system and among private individuals. We’ve even seen the birth of a "Mobility baby".

Numerous Mobility cars are currently being put to use for a good cause.

In times of COVID-19, Mobility initially transferred up to a quarter of its cars from day-to-day operations to a new, temporary monthly rental scheme. In this way, the Cooperative is killing two birds with one stone: it is supporting people in their new everyday transportation routine while at the same time making up for the current lower level of demand for regular car sharing. Monthly rentals have caught on like wild fire: in the first phase, almost all the vehicles available were rented out. New openings may arise in the subsequent period, however. See here for full details.

The question remains: where and for what purposes are the monthly rental cars currently being used? Here are some examples.

Rapid transport of corona samples

In order to relieve the burden on general practitioners, the canton of St.Gallen has set up three regional corona consultation centres. Here, advice and testing is available for those who either have severe symptoms or belong to the high-risk group. In order to obtain test results as quickly as possible, the samples are driven to the laboratory in Goldach SG in Mobility cars. Operations director Thomas Streit is grateful for this straightforward transportation facility: "We set up our centre in Rapperswil-Jona very swiftly and were reliant on fast, straightforward transportation solutions. So the Mobility monthly rental scheme appeared at just the right time. We’re very grateful to be able to use these cars."

Mia, the "Mobility baby"

There they were again – the contractions. Nothing unusual five weeks before the due date. So Urs and Narcisa Kuhn quickly grabbed a car from the Mobility station round the corner, drove to Basel University Hospital for a check-up – and a few hours later they were holding premature baby Mia in their arms. "We can hardly believe our luck," say the thrilled parents. "Mia took us completely by surprise. And the most important thing: she’s in great health!" Without delay, the brand-new Dad organised a monthly estate car rental so he could visit his daughter in the neonatology department every day. Just before Easter, Mia was doing so well she was allowed to go home – so they were finally one very happy family. We wish the Kuhns all the very best!

Pharmacy home deliveries

Two red cars are currently out and about in Basel’s almost deserted streets. They are carrying drugs and medicines for direct doorstep delivery by the pharmacy Saner Apotheke. The delivery service has been expanded so as to be able to serve high-risk groups in particular. "We have bicycle couriers to serve customers in the immediate vicinity of our pharmacies, but for several years now we’ve been using Mobility for longer distances and larger delivery volumes," explains Managing Director Dominik Saner. The monthly rental scheme is ideally suited to meeting the current high level of demand: "It gives us maximum flexibility."

Spitex assignments

Spitex provides nursing care and support for the elderly or chronically ill in their homes. This also applies in Wyland, Zurich: "We use Mobility to transport our 42 employees to their assignment locations and transport material between our bases," says director Gabriela Finkbeiner. This temporary option is ideal for her organisation.

Replacing trains and buses

Many private individuals have also been quick to make use of the provisional car sharing scheme. There is one main focus here: commuting to work. After all, working from home is by no means an option for everyone. Thanks to the monthly rental scheme, people can avoid using public transport.

Cleaning? You bet!

After the monthly rental has expired we have all our vehicles cleaned professionally using disinfectants before they are returned to regular car-sharing operations. More details of cleaning and hygiene