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Mobility Go: nothing is more flexible

The doors to Mobility Go are now open to all Mobility customers. In Basel and Geneva, you can locate cars using the Mobility app, drive at a minute rate and simply leave the vehicle at your destination.

Mobility Go offers free-floating cars in Basel/Geneva and electric scooters in Zurich.

3, 2, 1, go! Mobility Go (formerly Catch a Car) was launched at the beginning of July. As well as Go electric scooters in Zurich, Mobility users in Basel and Geneva can now enjoy stationless carsharing. The cars can be located in real time and simply left in a public car park within a defined zone at the end of the trip. "The flexibility is what makes this offer stand out from the rest," says CEO Roland Lötscher. He believes in its success: "Mobility Go is in line with trends, especially those of the younger generation. City dwellers in particular now have all manner of sharing options available on the Mobility app." The cooperative hopes that this will drive even more people to do without private cars.

How it works:

  • Update and open the Mobility app
  • Book a car or scooter
  • Unlock the vehicle using the Mobility Card and drive from A to B
  • Leave the vehicle in a public car park (within the Mobility-Go zone)

Drive 15 minutes free of charge now

When you next make a booking, simply enter the discount code HELLOGO.
Can be redeemed once up until 31 July 2019.

Low-emission Citroën C1 for Basel
Mobility Go is the successor of Catch a Car and has a new look. While the 100 biogas-driven cars in Geneva have gradually been draped in a new red-and-white coating, the ones in Basel will not begin their makeover until October. This is because Mobility is replacing the 120 current VW Up with the brand-new Citroën C1 and so the company first has to wait for them to be delivered. With 85 g CO2/km, the Citroën is 40% below the Swiss average and is even considerably below the future guidelines of the Federal Government. The Basel fleet will be rounded off with ten existing e-Golfs.

45 centimes per minute
Members of the cooperative and subscribers can use Mobility Go for only CHF 0.45 per minute (Click & Drive and Business-Light: CHF 0.49). As usual, this includes everything from insurance and maintenance through to fuel. Mobility Go is still an attractive option if the journey is a bit longer: one hour costs a flat rate of CHF 25 and a full-day rental costs CHF 125.