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300 dealership cars to become Mobility vehicles

A test carried out with 60 dealerships throughout Switzerland was so successful that Mobility is planning to convert up to 300 dealership automobiles into car sharing vehicles over the course of the next three years. This will expand the network of stations even further.

By fitting AGVS partner dealership vehicles with car sharing technology, Mobility will be able to add new stations and make efficient use of existing resources. In return, dealers will profit from the revenue generated by cars that would otherwise remain unused virtually round the clock. "It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved – including our customers," says Mobility project manager Brigitte Buchmann. After all, not only will new stations be set up at dealership premises, those under threat of closure will be preserved, too. This is why Mobility and the AGVS are converting a one-year pilot project into a permanent cooperation. "We plan to offer up to 300 Mobility cars via partner dealerships in three years. Nothing will change for users: prices, insurance, car labelling – everything will be meet the usual standards."

More than 60 car dealers have already signed up

The AGVS is equally convinced that the plan will be a success. "A survey of pilot dealerships has shown that the scheme works. The 67 vehicles involved have covered a total distance of more than 600’000 since the start of the project," says AGVS President Urs Wernli. So the aim of getting unused cars out onto the roads was achieved. Mobility can expect car dealers to be open to the scheme, too. "They’re looking for new, future-oriented business models beyond just sales and repairs," he says.

Energy-efficient cars have priority

Mobility is in the process of upgrading its own fleet by adding alternative drive systems. In order to avoid pursuing a separate path with dealership vehicles in this respect, the company aims to have its partner dealers provide more and more electric cars or hybrids in the future.