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Did you know? You’re saving the climate!

An Interface study shows: because so many Mobility users do without their own car and opt for car sharing and public transportation instead, the amount of CO2 in the air is reduced by 31’000 tonnes per year. There are also 35’500 fewer privately owned cars on Swiss roads thanks to Mobility. In the light of this, we would like to say a big thank-you to you for your contribution to sustainability.

In spring 2020, the institute Interface carried out a survey of nearly 900 people and companies that use Mobility. As Interface project manager Tobias Arnold summarises: "Sharing provider Mobility makes a major contribution to the sustainable development of Swiss transportation. Its customers own fewer cars and cover fewer kilometres by car than the average Swiss person, so they are relieving the burden on transportation systems and the environment." Specifically, one in five private customers and one in two companies would purchase at least one additional vehicle if it were not for Mobility – in other words there are 35’500 fewer cars on the road as a result. Or to put it another way: one Mobility car replaces 11 privately owned ones. What is more, 54’500 parking spaces are freed up throughout Switzerland – an area the size of 190 football pitches.

31’000 tonnes less CO2 in the atmosphere – per year

The survey also shows that although Mobility drivers travel about the same amount as the rest of the population, they do so differently. In particular, they make more frequent use of public transport: 92% hold a public transport subscription, while the figure for the remainder of the population is just 57%. By contrast, car sharers cover 32% less kilometres by car than the average, thereby preventing 31’000 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year. Michael Gander, Head of Corporate Development at Mobility, is pleased at the results of the survey. "This shows that car sharing is a crucial piece of the puzzle when it comes to clean, sustainable transportation. We will continue to do everything we can to convince people of the benefits of what we offer. You don’t need your own car to achieve unlimited mobility."

Win one of ten surprise boxes!

We’d be interested to know what you think: at what moments in your everyday life do you do more to protect the environment? Is it by consciously doing without something or by opting for alternatives?

Send your answer to marketing(at) or post it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #Mymobilitymoment. You have the opportunity to win one of ten sustainable surprise boxes. Fingers crossed!

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