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In all honesty, what do you think of One-Way?

As of recently, you have been able to drive between 31 Mobility stations across Switzerland – and simply leave the car where it is. This includes the Zurich, Basel and Geneva airports. We asked six users what they like about Mobility One-Way and what they would like to see improve.

Roland Christen (35), Horw
"I use One-Way to transport bulky material to customers. I can’t do this with public transport or my longboard. Your offer is very practical. As I book very spontaneously and sometimes can’t find any available vehicles, I would like to see more cars circulating – that would increase my chances."

Lea Steppacher (38), Winterthur
"As a train driver, I often work shifts and rely on being able to commute between Winterthur and Zurich at all hours of the day. Mobility One-Way therefore suits me very well. I usually book the cars one week in advance to ensure that one is actually available. And if not, your customer service team pulls out all the stops for me. I really appreciate that. A straightforward offer with nothing to complain about."

Jean Favre (42), Geneva
"I find One-Way perfect for holiday flights. If I have to get to the airport with my wife, three children and all of our baggage, it is easy and relaxing to travel by car. I usually collect it and take it home as early as the night before so that we can set off the next day without any stress. However, for journeys from city to city I still use public transport because I don’t think One-Way offers any advantages there."

Katharina Zurschmiede (25), Winterthur
"In an age when we’re completely inundated with e-mails, it would suffice to get reservation confirmations exclusively via the app instead of by e-mail as well. Apart from that, I like Mobility One-Way. I only have to pay for one journey and don’t have to worry about the tedious search for parking spaces. The GPS is also helpful as I don’t drive very often and don’t know my way around the streets so well."

Orlando Pavano (55), Zurich
"I am a weekly resident and only come to Switzerland to work. I fly back home from Zurich almost every weekend, which is why I rely on being mobile even at inopportune times. One-Way is ideal for me – it’s quick, easy and cheaper than having my own car."

Thomas Stähli (34), Sursee
"I think that One-Way is an alternative to having your own car that makes economic and environmental sense. I use it when public transport doesn’t offer any good services to Olten, my place of work, in the early morning. I make a reservation as soon as I get my working schedule. On occasion, I’ve not been able to get a vehicle for my desired date. But I appreciate that guaranteeing the distribution of cars to some extent is costly and difficult for Mobility."