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"Driving alone makes no sense."

Mobility Carpool has recently made sharing journeys possible. We ask user Tuan Lee about his first experiences with the lift-sharing app and listen to what he does and doesn’t like about it.

The Mobility Carpool app has brought about a lasting lift-sharing community.

Mr Lee, you recently had your first lift-sharing experience. Were you nervous? After all, you didn’t know who the other person would be beforehand.
No, quite the opposite – I was actually looking forward to it! I am someone who opens up to others and likes to chat. Getting to know new people and talking to them about God and the world is all the more exciting. I get along so well with my driver that we now commute together often.

Between which two places?
Between Flawil and Zurich. Whenever I can, I travel as a passenger, otherwise I drive my own car. And when I do, I of course put my advert on Mobility Carpool, but unfortunately there have not been any matches as yet.

What is your motivation for participating in our platform?
I think this idea is innovative – and it takes the burden off the transport system and the environment. From an environmental point of view, tens of thousands of people driving from A to B makes no sense. Why not just hang out together? I very much hope that carpooling will be a widely accepted idea. Nevertheless, I have my doubts.

"I get along so well with my driver that we now commute together often."

Tuan Lee

Why is that?
Because I think that the average Swiss person attaches great importance to having their own space. We are not exactly known for being people who approach others. Perhaps the situation would change if mobility burnt more of a hole in the pocket, such as if the price of petrol were to rise significantly. This might cause people to rethink.

What can Mobility do to help make carpooling more attractive?
I think it would make sense for the app to automatically generate and offer part routes. This would increase the chances of covering the demand, although I am aware that this is difficult to implement in terms of technology. Apart from this, I think Mobility is great and I have known and used it practically ever since it was founded.

Now we’re amazed: you use your own car, carpooling and Mobility?
Yes, my family uses Mobility as a second car. We try to organise our lives in the most simple and efficient way possible, no matter the methods we use.

Download the app and off you go

Mobility Carpool is a free lift-sharing app for use by both drivers and passengers. Advertise or look for journeys – whether with a Mobility or personal car – with just a few taps of your finger. Click here to download: