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More models, more colours, usual standard

Thousands of cars in Swiss car dealers are idle at all hours of the day. Mobility wants to exploit this potential and convert them into car-sharing vehicles. Mobility customers can only benefit from this.

Dealer cars to become Mobility cars.

Mobility is at the starting gates of a new pilot project: the incorporation of third-party vehicles into the Mobility fleet. The cooperative will be equipping dealers’ cars with car-sharing technology for this purpose, allowing Mobility to expand its network of stations and boost its level of flexibility, as pro-ject manager Brigitte Buchmann explains: “On the one hand, we can offer our customers new, attrac-tive stations in cities as well stations in rural areas where we would otherwise not be active because of insufficient demand.” She claims it is now also possible to respond to fluctuating demand, for exam-ple to seasonal supply increases in supply in Ticino.

Mobility turns stationary vehicles into moving vehicles.

Mobility cars as colourful as the rainbow
Nothing will change for Mobility customers: The dealer cars will be fully integrated into the car-sharing offer and the existing vehicle categories. Prices, insurance and maintenance will meet our standards and vehicles and parking spaces will be labelled as normal. Buchmann cannot see any disadvantages – quite the opposite, in fact: “We know that not everyone likes our red car paint. These users now have opportunity to drive other models as well.” Mobility sets clear guidelines for this, accepting only demonstration cars or late-model used cars that have not driven many kilometres.

Good for the environment – AGVS on board
By using existing cars instead of buying new ones, Mobility is optimising the efficiency of resources: It is turning stationary vehicles into moving vehicles. This not only benefits the environment, but also the partner dealers, who earn a share of the revenue from the journey. “Our members have thousands of vehicles that are essentially just idle. Each franc that they can earn from them is therefore good” says Urs Wernli, President of Auto Gewerbe Verband Schweiz (AGVS). AGVS is the first of several possible organisations to join forces with Mobility. “By cooperating with Mobility, dealers are showing that they want to build bridges and are open to new forms of mobility.”

One-year test phase
In order to gather experience and customer feedback, Mobility is launching a test run lasting a year or so with several potential partners up until March 2020. AGVS plans to add up to 50 dealers in the first half of the year alone, followed by an ongoing increase in the number. Various experimental forms are in the pipeline: from pure garage locations to mixed existing mobility stations. If the test is successful, the principle is set to be widely implemented.