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Travel from A to B – and simply leave the car where it is

Mobility is significantly expanding its network of One-Way stations to include places such as Basel Airport, Winterthur, Olten, St. Gallen and Sursee. Cars can now also be booked online.

Book online and off you go to the airport – with Mobility One-Way.

Mobility One-Way makes car-sharing dreams come true: travelling from place to place without return-ing the car. Whether you want to drive to the airport, transport something or be on the road in comfort when there are few public transport services running, everything is child’s play thanks to One-Way. And making reservations? This is not only possible by phone, but from today onwards you can also make reservations on the Mobility app or via the customer portal.

30 stations by spring 2019
The cooperative put the One-Way model through its paces for two years. Conclusion: the cars are distributed independently as hoped, users are satisfied and the number of bookings is continuously growing. Mobility is therefore expanding its existing station network to 15:

One-Way stations


Basel Airport, Köniz Railway Station, Olten Railway Station, Rotkreuz Suurstoffi, St. Gallen Railway Station Sursee Railway Station, Winterthur Railway Station and Zug Railway Station


Zurich Airport, Basel Railway Station, Bern Railway Station, Lucerne Railway Station, Solothurn Rail-way Station, Zurich Altstetten Railway Station, Zurich Main Station

Mobility has even set itself the goal of expanding to 30 stations by spring 2019, with a focus on integrating western Switzerland.

Not much more expensive than any other Mobility journey
Estate cars are used as vehicles. They circulate freely in the new One-Way station network and can be reserved via the app, customer portal or by phone. Simply specify from where to where you want to travel and the system will show you the availability. The earlier you book, the better your chances. Kilometres and hours are billed at the same prices as the rest of the Mobility offer (estate: CHF 0.80/km, CHF 3/h), plus a surcharge of between CHF 7 and CHF 29. This surcharge varies according to route length, season and load. Once you have arrived at your destination, simply park your car in a Mobility parking bay and end your journey using the app or the “Res End” button on the on-board computer.