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Mobility Scooter: hungry for more

Red electric scooters have been rolling through Zurich since April. Mobility’s assessment of the scheme is positive: thousands of customers have already registered for the offer. The next city is set to follow soon on the back of its success.

The electric scooters have a speed of up to 45 km/h; their helmets are located in the top case.

Imagine you could locate a nearby scooter in your city, drive from A to B and just leave it at your destination. That’s exactly what Mobility brought to life in Zurich: 200 red electric scooters delight the hearts of users and the environment. “More than 4’500 customers have already signed up,” says project manager Tabea Leibundgut. “Our expectations have been met.” Furthermore, vehicles did not have to be moved very often and minimal damage occurred. “This raises our hopes for the future of this service.”

"Our aim is to roll out mobility scooters in another city soon."

Tabea Leibundgut, Mobility

Other major cities in sight
The success in Zurich is spurring on the cooperative in its plans to also launch mobility scooters in other cities soon. Exactly which cities they will be is not yet official. The large Swiss conurbations, however, are of particular interest, especially Geneva, Basel, Lausanne and Bern. “Our aim is to roll out mobility scooters in another city in 2019”, says Leibundgut.

Used for short distances
It is clear that the range of electric scooters is also advantageous for the cities themselves: The scooters do not emit exhaust fumes nor damage the hearing of local residents. Furthermore, a survey indicates that scooter users combine every second journey with public transport. “Thanks to the combined transportation options, many Mobility customers prefer to do without owning their own vehicle. The more people we can enthuse about Mobility, the better the effects on the environment will be.