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Thurbo also opts for Mobility’s electric cars at stations

Mobility business customers are opting for combined, environmentally friendly mobility in their day-to-day business. More than 200 companies are out and about with Mobility Flex. One of these is also the regional railway company Thurbo AG, which already offers six electric cars at railway stations.

Working together with business customers is an important pillar for Mobility, with just under 4’800 companies incorporating the Cooperative’s sharing services into their day-to-day mobility. Such companies therefore make up almost one quarter of Mobility’s total turnover. They use classic car sharing, pool car sharing, which makes efficient use of the company’s own fleet, or Mobility Flex, thanks to which stations can be opened on request.

Thurbo has also opted for Mobility Flex

The regional railway Thurbo AG connects Eastern Switzerland with a densely branched railway network and, together with SBB, ensures transregional links. Thurbo is a company of SBB, in which the Canton of Thurgau also has shares. In 2018, it transported almost 35 million passengers and travelled 473 million kilometres with passengers on board. To assume a pioneering role across Switzerland in the field of combined mobility, the railways have been working together with Mobility since 2018.

"Sustainability is one of our most important values."

Werner Fritschi, Head of the Market Division

Car sharing with electric vehicles at regional stations

Thurbo is walking the walk: a Renault Zoe Mobility e-car is now available at six railway stations in various municipalities in Thurgau. These can be used for the last few miles of a person’s train journey or even as an alternative to their own car. With Tägerwilen station as the starting point, the vehicle is already well used, covering almost 1’000 km each month. Other stations with the cars are Bischofszell Stadt, Sulgen, Islikon, Lengwil and Gemeindehaus Horn. What is especially pleasing is that municipality authorities are even joining in and are putting time and effort into the charging infrastructure. Should Thurbo gather positive experiences, it may consider expanding its offer to include more stations.

It’s all about sustainability

Decreasing its environmental footprint is one of the declared aims of the "colourful regional railway" Thurbo. Zero-emission vehicles are ideally suited to this purpose. If they meet the initial usage targets, the company will soon be saving seven tonnes of CO2 per year. "This number may rise because we hope that the usage rate of e-cars will steadily increase," says Werner Fritschi, Deputy Managing Director of Thurbo. "Owing to increasing customer acceptance, we are confident that we will reach our goal." This way, the railway company is doing its bit towards the 23’500 tonnes of CO2 that the entire Mobility system prevents each year.

Flex: sustainable and rewarding

Mobility Flex, which is specifically designed for companies, municipalities and estates, allows car sharing stations to be opened wherever the customer wants. Cars from various vehicle categories can be chosen and combined with a comprehensive service package: maintenance, service management, breakdown service and all insurance-related matters are covered. An annual flat fee is payable for each vehicle. As part of a cashback system, Mobility credits 100% of the drive volume of the employees/residents and up to 75% of that of third-party users. In other words, the more often a car is used, the lower the price for station partners.