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Combined travel with the SBB Trip Planner02.06.2017

No need to get bogged down in finding the perfect combined transportation route: it’s now all taken care of for you by the SBB Trip Planner Preview.


Book your ticket or reserve your Mobility car directly in the app. No matter where you're heading, the Trip Planner Preview shows you the most efficient way to get from A to B.

That’s how it works: Simply enter your starting address and destination and you can have the price displayed right away along with the most efficient mobility solution. Mobility is available as well as Catch a Car.

Your opinion is important to us: How satisfied are you and what kind of experiences have you made with the SBB Trip Planner Preview App? Give us your feeback right in the app at “Feedback”.

Download the app onto your smartphone and try it out for yourself.



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