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Electric cars with a bigger range29.01.2018

Feel like a trip in one of our electric cars? If so, we have good news for you: as of the beginning of 2018 we have gradually started to add the new model Renault ZOE to our fleet of electric cars, offering an increased range – and you stand to benefit.

Thanks to the new Z.E. 40 batteries, the range has increased from an average of 120 km to an average of 280 km in real operating conditions.

Important for you to know: in an electric car, the range depends heavily on the motorist's driving style and comfort requirements. In other words, fast and frequent acceleration can impact significantly on the range of an electrically powered car, as can intense use of the air conditioning for heating or cooling purposes.

We have different models of the Renault ZOE in the Mobility fleet. The average range of the vehicle varies depending on the model:

Average range
Renault ZOE 400
280 km
Renault ZOE 240
140 km
Renault ZOE
100 km

During the reservation process, you can see which vehicle model your reservation is in the Mobility app and in the customer portal or in the reservation confirmation.

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