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Travel at budget rates with an Economy Package22.12.2017

All Mobility annual subscription holders and members of the cooperative now have the opportunity to purchase an Economy Package once a month. No matter what vehicle type you happen to be using, you only pay the rate for the Budget category. All in all, this means savings of up to CHF 2/h and up to CHF 0.40/km.

When you purchase an Economy Package, you buy a fixed credit before a journey. It doesn't matter whether you book a transporter, a convertible, a minivan or an electric car: the rate charged is that of the cheapest category (Budget) for 12 hours and 100 kilometres. Cooperative members can also purchase an Economy Package 200, which gives them twice the number of hours and kilometres at the budget rate.

Do you know in advance that you are planning a lengthier trip? If so, we also recommend you compare rates with those of our car rental partners.

For more detailed information on our Economy Packages, see


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