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Pay in advance.make a Mobility Profit.

The Mobility Profit is Mobility’s way of rewarding the advance payment of a fixed amount. Mobility then automatically and continuously debits the cost of your subscription, your motoring and (if any) your Liability Reduction cover from the credit you hold in your account. The amount you pay in advance determines the level of the bonus from CHF 15 to CHF 600:

Offer Your advance payment Our discount
Mobility Profit Bronze 2.5% CHF 600 CHF 15
Mobility Profit Silver 5% CHF 1’200 CHF 60
Mobility Profit Gold 7.5% CHF 3’600 CHF 270
Mobility Profit Platinum 10% CHF 6’000 CHF 600


The Mobility Profit is limited to private use and is not valid for business customers. The Mobility Profit is not used to pay for costs incurred as a result of damage to a Mobility vehicle. The Mobility Profit is personal, non-transferable and must be used within 12 months. To ensure that the Mobility Profit credit appears on the next invoice, the advance payment must reach our account at least 15 days before the invoice is issued.

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