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«I like to combine Mobility with public transport. It means I can travel all over Switzerland quickly and conveniently.»

Matthias, Mobility customer since 1999

For occasional use.Click & Drive.

For occasional car sharing at a flat rate.

Click & Drive is useful if you need Mobility car sharing on an occasional basis only, such as for excursions. You pay a flat rate amount per hour: this incorporates all costs, including the kilometre rates. There is no subscription charge to pay.

The car has to be returned to the original station before the end of the reservation. Do you wish to make a one-way trip? This is possible with Mobility-One-Way.

Existing Click & Drive customers

When making a new reservation, existing Click & Drive customers are asked to sign into the customer portal via the login function using their Mobility number and PIN. That way, you can continue using your Mobility Card without having to return to a railway station counter to identify yourself each time.

login customer portal

Click & Drive for new customers

You apply for Click & Drive via the Mobility customer portal (click on the "reserve now“ link). Once in the customer portal, you make your reservation and pay for it using a credit card. You then collect your Mobility Card from a Swiss Federal Railways ticket counter. You’re then ready to drive off.

List of 75 participating Swiss Federal Railway stations incl. opening times (PDF)

By obtaining Liability Reduction cover (CHF 20 per reservation) you protect yourself against potentially expensive damage costs. iCustomers are automatically insured (third party, comprehensive and passenger insurance). You pay a maximum policy deductible of CHF 2’500 per claim. The liability reduction cover reduces this to max. CHF 300 (plus surcharges for inexperienced & young drivers).

from a flat rate of CHF 50 for 3 hours, from CHF 11 for each additional hour


The minimum amount includes three hours’ use of the vehicle. Payment can be made by credit card only.

Vehicle category Basic price for first 3 hours Every additional hour
Budget 50.00 11.00
Micro 50.00 11.00
Economy 50.00 11.00
Electro 50.00 11.00
Combi 55.00 15.00
Cabrio 65.00 20.00
Emotion 65.00 20.00
Minivan 70.00 23.00
Transport 80.00 25.00

Everything is included in the price: rental, fuel, kilometres, insurances, repairs, administration and VAT. Prices subject to change. Prices in CHF.


Additional charges can apply, e.g. if a reservation is not initiated or is cancelled. If it looks like you will be returning the vehicle late, the reservation should be extended whenever possible using the on-board computer or by calling the 24h Service Center.
See our PDF for a summary of all the additional benefits and charges:

Learning trips are NOT permitted with Click & Drive. For this purpose, make use of our attractive mobility4learners programme.