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«Travelling around in an eco-friendly way is really important to me – which is why I use Mobility.»

Adrian, Mobility customer since 2008

Limitless a Mobility Cooperative member.

Become a Mobility Cooperative member: no subscriptions to pay, plus a say in the running of the organisation.

You not only pay no subscription charges while a cooperative member, but you also get discounts on the hourly and kilometre rates linked to the amount you drive. The cooperative share you pay on becoming a member, which is returned to you if you decide to leave, makes you a co-owner of our company and gives you a say in its running (e.g. by attending section meetings).

Main member

Discounts, a say in the cooperative – and no subscription charges: enrol as a Mobility Cooperative member and get across-the-board benefits.

CHF 0 subscription charge excludes hourly/kilometre rates
CHF 250 one-off enrolment fee (valid for as long as you are member)
CHF 1’000 cooperative share for main members (refundable on exit)


Living in the same household as a main member? Your cooperative share then costs just CHF 100.

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CHF 0 subscription charge excludes hourly/kilometre rates
CHF 125 one-off enrolment fee
CHF 100 cooperative share for co-members (refundable on exit)


You get a discount on the kilometre and hour tariff linked to the amount you drive:

  • 10% on a volume of more than CHF 600
  • 20% on a volume of more than CHF 2’000

Each of the above is within a 12-month period.

Vehicle category Hourly rate
7–23 h
Hourly rate
23–7 h
Kilometre rate
1–100 km
Kilometre rate
from 101 km
Budget 2.80 0.80 0.50 0.25
Micro 2.80 0.80 0.58 0.29
Economy 2.80 0.80 0.62 0.31
Electro 2.80 0.80 0.62 0.31
Combi 3.20 0.80 0.72 0.36
Cabrio 3.80 0.80 0.88 0.44
Emotion 3.80 0.80 0.88 0.44
Minivan 4.40 0.80 0.94 0.47
Transport 4.40 0.80 0.94 0.47

Prices all include fuel, servicing, cleaning, repairs, insurance, administration, Swiss motorway toll sticker, parking space rental and VAT. Prices are subject to change. Rates valid from 1 April 2016.
The rates for cooperative members, annual subscription holders and trial subscription holders are identical.


Additional charges can apply, e.g. if a reservation is not initiated or is cancelled. See our PDF for a summary of all the additional benefits and charges:

Frequently asked questions

Is there a reduction for persons living in the same household?

Yes. Persons living in the same household as a Mobility Cooperative main member can benefit from reductions by becoming co-members. Becoming a co-member in a shared or family household is a great way of accessing Mobility's services, since all you pay is a one-off admission fee of CHF 125. The cooperative subscription element of the fee, CHF 100, is returned to you if you decide to leave the cooperative.

Cooperative households are able to form additional "groups". Members of these groups have reciprocal, flexible access to reservations. Reservations are charged to the customer making the reservation.

How quickly can I become a Mobility customer?

During the registration process you are asked to state your preferred type of registration. You can choose between:

a) Select payment mode and take the wheel in a few days’ time:
You will receive your personal Mobility Card by post within three working days.
SwissPass subscribers use their SwissPass as the key for Mobility vehicles.

b) Pay by credit card and take the wheel right away:
You can take the wheel in one hour maximum (Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 9 pm, Sunday from 9.30 am to 6.30 pm).
Register, reserve a vehicle and call us as soon as you are standing in front of the reserved vehicle. We will unlock it and activate your personal Mobility Card for you; you will find the card in the on-board logbook.
SwissPass subscribers use their SwissPass as the key for Mobility vehicles.
This type of registration requires you to have a smartphone and to be able to upload your driving licence electronically during the registration process.