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«I passed my test thanks to being able to practice my driving in Mobility cars.»

Valentina, Mobility customer since 2011

Learn a learner driver and new driver.

Rely on Mobility at the start of your driving career.

The more experience you gain as a learner driver, the better prepared you are for your driving test and the safer you are as a driver. The subscription for learner drivers costs just CHF 49 and is valid for six months. This subscription can be availed of only once and includes Liability Reduction cover (PDF), which limits the amount you have to pay if the car gets damaged.

Once the six-month learner driver subscription has expired – or if you have passed your test and now hold a probationary driving licence – you can obtain one of our new driver subscriptions. These also include Liability Reduction cover (PDF).

Learner driver subscription – 6 months

Where cost-effectiveness is concerned, our learner driver subscription is unbeatable! You can practise driving on different vehicle models with one or more accompanying persons. This will give you valuable experience and make you feel more confident on the road. In addition, you will benefit from a liability reduction (PDF) at all times.

CHF 49 for learner drivers includes Liability Reduction cover, excludes hourly/kilometre rates
CHF 59 per accompanying person excludes hourly/kilometre rates, Liability Reduction cover optional

New driver subscription – 1, 2 or 3 years

Passed your driving test? Our new driver subscriptions allow you to hone your driving skills on the road. They include the Liability Reduction cover (PDF). In addition, you receive credit towards the TCS training courses.

These 1, 2 and 3-year packages allow you to make substantial savings on the standard prices. The 12-month subscription costing CHF 300 incorporates services to the value of CHF 520. (24 months for CHF 500 instead of CHF 950; 36 months for CHF 600 instead of CHF 1‘480.)

CHF 300 for 12 months includes Liability Reduction cover and TCS course voucher of CHF 80, excludes hourly/kilometre rates
CHF 500 for 24 months includes Liability Reduction cover and TCS course voucher of CHF 80, excludes hourly/kilometre rates
CHF 600 for 36 months includes Liability Reduction cover and TCS course voucher of CHF 160, excludes hourly/kilometre rates


Discounted two-stage training courses from TCS Training & Events

Mobility subscription 12 months: 1 course voucher of CHF 80
Mobility subscription 24 months: 1 course voucher of CHF 80
Mobility subscription 36 months: 2 course vouchers of CHF 80 each

How to register for the training courses

Visit the website to register for the course. To obtain the discount please enter the voucher type "valid Mobility new driver subscription" and your personal membership number. Please note that your new driver subscription has to be valid during the registration and bring your Mobility card along with you on the day of the course. This discount is granted at the following TCS centres: Hinwil, Derendingen, Niederstocken, Emmen, Lignières and Meyrin.


Vehicle category Hourly rate
7–23 h
Hourly rate
23–7 h
Kilometre rate
1–100 km
Kilometre rate
from 101 km
Budget 2.80 0.80 0.50 0.25
Micro 2.80 0.80 0.58 0.29
Economy 2.80 0.80 0.62 0.31
Electro 2.80 0.80 0.62 0.31
Combi 3.20 0.80 0.72 0.36
Cabrio 3.80 0.80 0.88 0.44
Emotion 3.80 0.80 0.88 0.44
Minivan 4.40 0.80 0.94 0.47
Transport 4.40 0.80 0.94 0.47

Prices all include fuel, servicing, cleaning, repairs, insurance, administration, Swiss motorway toll sticker, parking space rental and VAT. Prices are subject to change. Rates valid from 1 April 2016.
The rates for cooperative members, annual subscription holders and trial subscription holders are identical.


Additional charges can apply, e.g. if a reservation is not initiated or is cancelled. See our PDF for a summary of all the additional benefits and charges:

Frequently asked questions

Why must the person accompanying a learner driver also be a Mobility customer?

The accompanying person must be able to take over the wheel at any time. For legal reasons, non-Mobility customers may not drive Mobility vehicles. Accompanying persons must also meet the statutory requirements of the Road Traffic Act.

The cost-effective subscription for accompanying persons is the ideal Mobility membership. But persons accompanying a learner driver on learner trips can also use other Mobility subscriptions (except for a transferable company subscription and Click & Drive). The important thing is to notify us with the "Confirmation by persons accompanying a learner driver" form.

How soon after registration can I start doing learner trips?

For learner trips, we need to have received the learner driving licence and payment as well as the completed and signed "Confirmation by persons accompanying a learner driver" form. The learner driver will also receive this form upon registration.

May I also independently use Mobility vehicles with the subscription for accompanying persons?

The subscription for accompanying persons can only be taken out in conjunction with a learner driver subscription. You may naturally also use Mobility for other trips in addition to learner trips. We recommend including the liability reduction.

How do I subsequently register additional accompanying persons?

After you have taken out a subscription, you have to use the "Subsequent registration of additional accompanying person(s)" form to register additional persons for the subscription for accompanying persons (of CHF 59).