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From big to small: 2’890 cars, different categories.

Whether big or small, sporty or practical – a fleet of 2’890 vehicles is waiting for you at 1’480 stations throughout Switzerland – round the clock on a self-service basis.

A practical compact car for the city, shopping in an estate car, a weekend outing in a convertible or a van for moving house? Mobility is the perfect replacement for your household car – or your second one. Join Mobility now!





VW Golf VII Variant or similar




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VW Golf VII Variant or similar


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Note: you can reserve vehicle categories, but not specific models. Exception: you can select a specific vehicle model in the Emotion or Premium category. Mobility Go-Cars and Mobility Go-Scooters can only be booked via the App.

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Mobility fleet: meets the highest standards of safety and maintenance

  • Safe
    Before entering the Mobility fleet, every model undergoes stringent testing and evaluation by specialists. Our fleet achieves an average Euro NCAP crash-test rating of 4.8 stars out of 5.
  • Professional maintenance
    We employ a team of “ServiceMobiler” fleet care and car care staff to keep our vehicles regularly maintained, serviced and cleaned.

    Tips for safe driving

Frequently asked questions

Do you have vehicles with trailer couplings?

No. There are no such vehicles in the Mobility fleet.

Do you have vehicles with roof racks?

Mobility vehicles do not come with roof racks. Customers are responsible for supplying the correct roof rack, installing it correctly and removing it when returning the vehicle. In the event of damage, Mobility will check if this is related to the use of a roof rack, for example due to overloading. Mobility reserves the right to invoice customers for all of the damage if a link is established.

Does Mobility offer child seats?

Mobility does not offer permanently installed child seats in its vehicles. We are unable to offer permanently installed child seats for children up to the age of four for reasons of liability (Mobility would be responsible for their installation and good working order) and for practical reasons (most families with small children already have a child seat of their own). Mobility recommends that customers provide their own child seats or booster seats.

One practical solution is the Trunki BoostAPak, an all-in-one booster seat and backpack with a wealth of safety and practical benefits. Very much in keeping with our philosophy of combined mobility, the Trunki BoostAPak is light enough to be carried around by the child. You can benefit from a special offer.

SitSac Special provisions for child seats in the Mercedes Vito and Smart:
Third-party baby and child seats like the Maxi-Cosi, Römer etc. must not be installed in the Mercedes Vito (Transport category) or Smart (Micro category). Neither car is fitted with a passenger airbag override option, which is why third-party child seating must not be installed on the passenger seat (the airbag might be triggered in the event of a collision). Mercedes Benz and Smart both offer special child and baby seats for their vehicles that are equipped with a built-in transponder which deactivates the passenger airbag. These child seating systems are available from official Mercedes Benz and Smart dealerships.