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Build up practical driving experience with the learner driver subscription.

Have you got your hands on a provisional driving licence and would you like to build up some practical driving experience as quickly as possible for your driving test? If so, why not use Mobility to get out into the traffic for the first time? Cars are available in nine categories.

Practise your driving privately, accompanied by one or more authorised persons, in one of our range of vehicle models (manual and automatic). The more practical driving experience you build up as a learner driver, the safer you are out in the traffic and the better prepared you are for your driving test.

The learner driver subscription is available for CHF 49 and valid for six months. It can only be ordered once and includes the Policy Deductible 300, which protects you against financial consequences if the vehicle gets damaged (in addition to the obligatory surcharges for inexperienced and young drivers).

Learner driver subscription (6 months)

  • Access to 3’120 cars all over Switzerland
  • Rent flexibly: from one hour, around the clock and self-service
  • One-way trips with Mobility One-Way
  • Best Price guarantee on drive rates
CHF 49 for learner drivers including Policy Deductible 300, excluding hourly/kilometre rate
CHF 59 per accompanying person optional Policy Deductible 300, excluding hourly/kilometre rate

Prices incl. VAT. In addition to the subscription fee, a time and kilometre rate is charged for each rental.

Additional benefits

Private learner journeys

  • Valid provisional driving licence required.
  • Accompanying person needed (must also be a Mobility customer, Click & Drive is NOT allowed).
  • Learner journeys must only be undertaken with an accompanying person who is 23 years of age or older and has held the category B driving licence for at least three years and no longer holds this on probation.
  • People who are deaf or physically disabled may only be accompanied by an officially approved instructor.

Frequently asked questions

May I use a Mobility vehicle to do the test for my driving licence?

No, that is not possible.

Why must the person accompanying a learner driver also be a Mobility customer?

The accompanying person must be able to take over the wheel at any time. For legal reasons, non-Mobility customers may not drive Mobility vehicles. Accompanying persons must also meet the statutory requirements of the Road Traffic Act.

The cost-effective subscription for accompanying persons is the ideal Mobility membership. But persons accompanying a learner driver on learner trips can also use other Mobility subscriptions (except for a transferable company subscription and Click & Drive). The important thing is to notify us with the "Confirmation by persons accompanying a learner driver" form.

How do I subsequently register additional accompanying persons?

After you have taken out a subscription, you have to use the "Subsequent registration of additional accompanying person(s)" form to register additional persons for the subscription for accompanying persons (of CHF 59).