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Business trial subscription: try with no obligation.

Are you looking for a smart mobility solution for your company or an addition to your vehicle fleet? Test the car sharing solution from Mobility for business customers.

The business trial subscription is the ideal introductory offer for your company. You will receive a four-month trial subscription, giving you access to a fleet of 2’930 vehicles throughout the whole of Switzerland. Vans, low-cost city run-arounds for urban traffic, black Audis for customer calls, or electrically powered cars for exceptionally quiet, environmentally friendly trips: Mobility has it all.

All prices are in CHF, excluding VAT. In addition to the subscription fee, a time and/or kilometre rate is levied for each journey.

The benefits of the business trial subscription at a glance:

  • Additional company cars wherever and whenever they’re needed
    Access to 2’930 vehicles at 1’500 stations throughout the whole of Switzerland – find the right vehicle near you.
  • Nine vehicle categories for your business trip
    A low-cost city run-around for urban traffic, a grey Audi for customer calls or an electrically powered car for exceptionally quiet, environmentally friendly trips: you’ll find all Mobility vehicles at a glance here.
  • No hidden extras
    No fixed costs apart from the subscription. You only pay for your actual journeys.