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Insure your business trips with Policy Deductible 300 business.

With the additional "Policy Deductible 300 business" insurance, you can reduce this deductible to CHF 300. For peace of mind for you and your employees on every trip.

Mobility business customers benefit from third-party, comprehensive and passenger insurance on every business trip. The policy deductible is a maximum of CHF 2’500 per claim (in addition to the obligatory surcharge for inexperienced or young drivers).

Policy deductible per claim

  • Without Policy Deductible 300: max. CHF 2’500*
  • With Policy Deductible 300: max. CHF 300*

Policy Deductible 300 business for business customers

Monthly costs per Policy Deductible 300 business subscription:

Business subscription**
Business trial subscription
4 months
up to 24 subscriptions
CHF 12
CHF 36
CHF 12
CHF 36
25-100 subscriptions
CHF 27
>100 subscriptions
CHF 18

All prices exclude VAT.
**Minimum contract duration 12 months

If your company is not yet a Mobility customer, you can purchase the "Policy Deductible 300 business" insurance directly during the registration process. If you already have a business subscription, you can quickly and easily obtain the Policy Deductible 300 business in the mobility app, in the customer portal under "Extras" or while making a vehicle reservation.

Policy Deductible 300 in detail:

1. Benefit
The Policy Deductible 300 business reduces the policy deductible to a maximum of CHF 300* per claim (instead of CHF 2’500*).

2. Scope
The cover applies to the entire Mobility vehicle fleet.

3. Validity
The Policy Deductible 300 business is valid immediately upon purchase for four or twelve months.

4. Renewals
The Policy Deductible 300 business is billed to your invoice automatically upon expiry and renewed for a further year. Renewal may be cancelled at any point before your existing Policy Deductible 300 business subscription expires. After the first year, the Policy Deductible 300 business may be cancelled in writing with a period of notice of one month.

* Obligatory surcharges for inexperienced and young drivers

For inexperienced drivers (who have held a driving licence for less than two years)
CHF 500
For young drivers (customers under 25 years of age)
CHF 1’000
Maximum additional policy deductible for inexperienced and young drivers per claim
CHF 1’500

Frequently asked questions

What is my insurance cover as a Mobility customer?

As a Mobility customer you are fully covered by third party, comprehensive and passenger insurance in the event of a loss event.  

Can customers take Mobility vehicles abroad?

Driving abroad is permitted in countries covered by the insurance. Insurance cover pursuant to Clause 8 of the GTCs applies in Europe and the countries bordering the Mediterranean, excluding the Russian Federation, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. Mobility reserves the right to amend this list of countries at any time. The customer should personally obtain special insurance cover, such as European accident and breakdown cover.

List of countries not covered by Mobility's insurance (PDF)