Mobility-Business - the new kind of company fleet

As an innovative and sustainable company, it's important to keep thinking of new approaches. How modern and efficient is your mobility? The Mobility fleet is available 24/7 throughout Switzerland and can be booked quickly and easily via the app. We take care of the fleet management. This way you save on company cars and parking spaces while reducing CO2 at the same time. Sound good? More than a third of Mobility cars are parked at railway stations, so you can ideally combine Mobility with public transport. Most of the travel can be done by train, the last mile using Mobility. Feel like joining us? Our goal: to go completely electric by 2030. To ensure you get to every business appointment on time while protecting the climate, too.

Offers & Prices

Business subscription

Access to the entire Mobility fleet – round the clock and on a self-service basis.

  • CHF 96 per user and year or price on request for 5+ users
  • Minimum term one year, can be cancelled thereafter on a monthly basis
  • Rate incl. fuel or electricity, insurance and 24h service
  • Discount on rate (up to 20%)


Try the Business subscription

Access to the entire Mobility fleet, around the clock and self-service.

  • CHF 32/user for 4 months
  • no automatic renewal
  • Driving rate includes fuel or electricity, insurance and 24h service


Business Light

Mobility as a company car – try it out with Business Light!

  • No monthly fee
  • No minimum term
  • Supplement of +CHF 1.00/h and +CHF 0.10/km
  • The business subscription is worthwhile from 1.5 days (36 hours) and 600 km per year


Station at company premises

Mobility Flex gives you your own car sharing station.

  • Electric vehicle at your premises
  • Drive volumes are refunded
  • Option for secure availability


Your own company fleet

With Mobility Poolcar Sharing, we equip your pool vehicles with tried-and-tested car sharing technology.

  • Fleet with optimum fittings
  • Exclusive use
  • Option for outsourcing service and vehicles


Subscription fees excl. VAT.

Our fares at a glance

Our rates include everything: fuel, motor vehicle taxes, insurance, servicing, cleaning, repairs and our 24h Service Center. You don’t need to worry about a thing.

The Business drive rates apply for the Business subscription and the Business trial subscription.

Vehicle category Time tariff km-tariff*












Prices in CHF, including VAT., Click & Drive +CHF 1.00/h and +CHF 0.10/km
* Fuel surcharges and discounts reserved


calculate journey price

Additional charges can apply, for example if a reservation is not initiated or is cancelled. See our PDF for a summary of all the additional benefits and charges:

Let’s talk

Want to be modern, sustainable and entirely flexible? With company cars that are so simple, using them is stress-free? If so, get in touch with us. We’ll support you in getting Mobility started in your company. Tell us about your specific requirements. We always come up with solutions. Together.

Cause We Care

We are committed to environmentally friendly mobility: Read more about how Mobility can help you reduce your footprint on the roads.

Mobility Neo

Fascinating articles about lifestyle, sustainability and mobility await you. Find out about it now.

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