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Mobility’s corporate purpose: acting sustainably.

Mobility is committed to social, economic and ecological sustainability. The statutory purpose of the cooperative is as follows:

"In its operations involving vehicles of all kinds, the Mobility Cooperative is committed to the responsible use of energy and raw materials and to protecting the environment. The vehicles are provided as an ecological and economical alternative to private ownership in return for payment. Mobility’s activities thus contribute to the sustainable development of environmentally more responsible forms of mobility."

Mobility’s Sustainability Report (read as PDF) underwent the GRI "Materiality Disclosures Service" review and passed this successfully, see GRI label and formal GRI index in the GRI report on page 4.

Details of our approach to sustainability are available in French and German only. Please change the Mobility website’s language settings to see the relevant PDFs.

Mobility’s ecological sustainability

  • One shared vehicle replaces 10 privately owned vehicles
  • Mobility customers drive 27% less, use 9.5 million litres less fuel and generate 22’300 tonnes less CO2 per year
  • About 90% of Mobility’s vehicles have efficient ’mild hybrid’ engines, and the fleet includes 35 all-electric cars
  • Collaboration with myclimate – The Climate Protection Partnership
  • All of Mobility electricity needs are provided by environmentally benign hydro resources

Mobility’s social sustainability

  • Mobility customers save an average of CHF 4’000 a year compared to private ownership.
  • The customer satisfaction amounts to 8.9 points (maximum: 10).
  • Mobility offers a working environment that provides equal opportunity, fairness and social responsibility

Mobility’s economical sustainability

  • Mobility is organised as a cooperative. This legal form is conducive to the implementation of a long-term, sustainable strategy. The profit generated remains in the cooperative and serves innovation and long-term investment