The Mobility Cooperative

Founded in 1997

Mobility is entered in the commercial register of Zug as the Mobility Cooperative. Its head office is in Rotkreuz. Mobility came into being in 1997 through the merger of the ATG Auto Teilet Genossenschaft and ShareCom cooperatives, both founded in 1987.

Closely networked organisation

The Mobility Cooperative provides its 224’000 customers with some 3’120 vehicles in different vehicle categories at 1’530 stations throughout Switzerland round-the-clock. The main customer argument in favour of using the Mobility fleet is the convenient self-service, the central and non-central stations, the efficiency of the combined mobility and the option to use the vehicles round-the-clock at short notice and for short periods of time.

Efficiently organised

The Mobility Cooperative currently employs a workforce of 214 that share 194 full-time posts. The five-strong Board of Directors of the cooperative include representatives of the Swiss mobility and economic sectors. The Executive Committee consists of Roland Lötscher (Managing Director Mobility Cooperative), Lars Kläger (Head of Marketing & Network), Siegfried Wanner (Head of Finance), Luisa D’Amato (Head of Operations), Peter Affentranger (Head of Human Resources) and Marcel Amstutz (Head of Technology).

Economic development

Recent years have seen Mobility steadily grow its number of locations, vehicles and customers. The cooperative's financial situation is both solid and positive. Detailed figures may be found in the financial and abridged statements.

Mission and vision

Company reports


Cooperative Governance

Cooperative structure

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