Mobility’s history


  • The free-floating service Mobility Go is discontinued
  • Mobility launches V2X Suisse, a pilot project featuring 50 bidirectional charging vehicles aimed at supporting grid stability
  • Introduction of new schemes and rates
  • One tenth of Mobility’s fleet is fully electric


  • Mobility takes part in Zurich’s one-year Pikmi minibus-on-demand pilot project
  • Mobility joins forces with 12 partners to found industry body CHACOMO
  • Mobility car CO2 emissions are on average 93.5 g/km compared to those of new Swiss cars at 124 g/km
  • 22,000 learner drivers have thus far used car sharing to prepare for their driving test


  • Mobility sets goals: fleet to be fully electric by 2030, climate neutral by 2040
  • Markus Mahler elected chairman of the board of directors
  • During the Covid-19 pandemic, Mobility offers cars on a monthly rental basis and remains financially stable
  • The ride-sharing app is discontinued


  • Mobility acquires the free-floating provider Catch a Car. The scheme is renamed Mobility Go
  • Mobility doubles the number of its One-Way stations to 30
  • The self-driving shuttle runs in the town centre of Zug for the first time. The project is completed at the end of 2019 as planned
  • Mobility sells its share in sharoo to AMAG
  • Mobility discontinues its scooter scheme in Zurich


  • Mobility launches electric scooter sharing in Zurich
  • New ride-sharing app: Mobility Carpool provides a platform for customers and private individuals
  • Diesel reduction: Mobility includes 70 Toyota Yaris Hybrid in its fleet
  • Mobility reduces rates on longer trips with its automatically applied "Best Price" system
  • Mobility incorporates One-Way in its automated system


  • Mobility is collaborating with partners to launch the pilot project "self-driving shuttles" in Zug
  • Mobility is represented in every Swiss municipality with more than 10’000 residents
  • Mobility-Flex allows car sharing stations to be opened on request
  • Mobility celebrates its 20th anniversary


  • Mobility offers 131’000-plus customers 2’950 vehicles at 1’500 locations
  • Mobility is trialling one-way car sharing on selected routes between a variety of urban centres
  • After Basel, Catch a Car is now also launching in Geneva


  • Mobility passes the 120’000 customer mark
  • Mobility joins the SwissPass scheme launched by the public transport sector in August
  • Catch a Car continues to expand its operating area in Basel to include Riehen and Binningen, amongst other districts
  • Mobility incorporates a record 920 new vehicles into its fleet


  • Mobility launches the free floating car sharing offer "Catch a Car" in Basel
  • Mobility acquires an 11% stake in start-up company sharoo


  • Introduction of mobility4learners for learner and new drivers
  • Pool car sharing: the solution for customers with in-house fleets
  • mobility@home: more green and open spaces in residential complexes
  • Mobility welcomes its 50’000th cooperative member


  • A recently updated study ("Evaluation Carsharing") concludes that Switzerland produces 18’000 fewer tonnes annually of traffic-generated CO2 emissions thanks to Mobility
  • 105’100 customers now have access to 2’650 vehicles at more than 1’380 Mobility stations
  • Renault adopts Mobility’s MobiSys 2.0 system platform


  • Mobility offers electric cars in partnership with m-way, the Swiss Federal Railways and Siemens Switzerland
  • New collaborations, e.g. with the universities of St. Gallen, Fribourg and Bern


  • Mobility launches a free iPhone app
  • New collaborations, e.g. with the universities of Zurich and Geneva and Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts
  • Mobility brings a new external data processing centre on line in Zurich, with a redundant system in Lucerne


  • Mobility launches a Budget vehicle category in the shape of 100 Citroën C1 cars
  • Partnership with the Libero regional tariff association: the 45’000 or so Libero annual subscription holders now enjoy full access to Mobility’s combined mobility offer


  • The Mobility Cooperative publishes its first report under the international norms of the Global Reporting Initiative GRI
  • Mobility welcomes its 80’000th customer. Mobility’s car sharing users now have access to 2’200 vehicles at more than 1’100 Mobility stations throughout Switzerland


  • The Swiss Federal Railways join with Mobility to launch Click & Drive, whereby Mobility vehicles can be hired without having to be a Mobility member


  • Catalunya Carsharing successfully adopts the MobiSys car sharing system in Barcelona


  • Mobility Support AG launched as a subsidiary offering car sharing know-how in foreign markets


  • Mobility relocates to Gütschstrasse 2 in Lucerne
  • Mobility now employs more than 100 staff


First adoption of the MobiSys technical platform by a foreign car sharing provider: DenzelDrive in Austria aims to use it as a basis for its countrywide car sharing business. Online reservation now possible


  • Joint venture with major distributor Migros to launch Mobility Business Car Sharing


  • ATG and ShareCom merge on 7 April to create the Mobility Cooperative
  • 17’400 customers now have access to 760 vehicles


  • ShareCom establishes a commercial firm, Car Sharing Company AG (CSC), and plans to integrate a self-developed on-board computer into its vehicles


  • ATG introduces phone-based reservations and ShareCom launches its ERS electronic reservation system – a self-service, interactive, phone-based bookings system


  • ATG and ShareCom conclude a cooperation agreement permitting cross-use of their services


  • Eight individuals come together to establish ATG, Auto Teilet Genossenschaft. They share one car
  • Zurich Seebach witnesses the founding of the ShareCom cooperative. It starts off with 17 members and one car

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