Mobility Liability Reduction

Less expensive than many car insurance offers: as a Mobility customer you are covered by third party, comprehensive and passenger insurance if there is a claim.

It happens to the best of us – should you have a claim with one of our vehicles, Mobility’s Liability Reduction cover takes care of you. Mobility’s Liability Reduction cover offers comprehensive peace of mind. In the event of a claim, it reduces your deductible to a minimum.

Without this Liability Reduction cover, your deductible in the event of a claim could be up to CHF 4’000*, depending on your age and driving experience. The optional Liability Reduction cover reduces your maximum deductible, thus saving you from any unpleasant surprises in the event of a claim. Your maximum deductible is based on your age and driving experience.

Work out how much you can save with Liability Reduction cover here:

How old are you?

How long have you had a driving licence?

Liability reduction reduces your policy deductible in the event of a claim to

maximum CHF 300.-*

instead of CHF 2500.-*

*plus handling fees up to a maximum of CHF 100 per claim

Charges for Liability Reduction

for 1 yearCHF 150
mobilityTEST (3 months)CHF 39.90
per journeyCHF 20


  1. Benefit
    Depending on the user’s age and driving experience, Liability Reduction cover reduces the deductible to a maximum amount per claim (without this supplementary cover: CHF 2’500* - CHF 4’000*).
  2. Scope
    The benefit covers the entire Mobility vehicle fleet.
  3. Validity
    Liability Reduction cover (for three or twelve months) comes into immediate effect when purchased. Liability Reduction cover is not transferable between private customers.
  4. Billing
    Liability Reduction cover is payable with your next invoice.
  5. Renewals
    When it’s due to expire, Liability Reduction cover renews automatically for one year. If you don’t want the cover to auto-renew, you must cancel it in the customer portal no later than four weeks before the end of the term.


If you aren’t a Mobility customer yet, Liability Reduction cover can be obtained during the registration process. Existing customers can purchase Liability Reduction cover via the app, via the customer portal under “Additional services”, or when reserving a vehicle.

Frequently asked questions

Do special conditions apply to the mobilityLEARN?

Yes, Liability Reduction cover is included in the price of mobilityLEARN. For learner drivers aged 25-plus, the deductible is a maximum of CHF 800 or CHF 1’800 for those aged under 25.

Does liability reduction cover apply to everyone in the same household?

No, each Mobility customer must obtain his or her own Liability Reduction cover. Such cover is issued on a per-Mobility-account-basis.

What are the Mobility fees?

The summary of all the additional benefits and charges can be found here:


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