The right vehicle for every journey

Do you need a practical compact car for the city, a roomy estate car for shopping or a van for moving house? With Mobility, you can have them all.

Below, you can find an example model for each category. You can see the availability of each category in the app or on our station map.

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suitable for learner drivers
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Key: F = Fossil, E = Electric, H = Hybrid, A = Automatic transmission, M = Manual transmission

You can offset the CO2 you emit during your Mobility motoring by paying an extra minimal amount of just three centimes per kilometre.

Limited choice of vehicles suitable for learner drivers in certain categories.

Vehicle category Emotion bookable from 25 years.

100% electric

Mobility wants to achieve climate neutrality. For this reason, we’ve set ourselves the goal of completely electrifying our entire fleet – i.e. around 3’000 vehicles throughout the whole of Switzerland – by no later than 2030.

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