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Do I have to refuel the Mobiltiy vehicle?

Refueling is free – the fuel card is in a holder in the glove compartment: remove the card from the holder with ignition off – to do that, push the button on the backside of the holder. The PIN code appears on the display – you can proceed to refuel. After refueling, please insert the card back into the holder.
Alternatively, you can also find the PIN code in the app on the overview of the corresponding reservation.

The fuel card can only be used in Switzerland, and only at petrol stations whose logos are printed on them and can only be used for fuel purchases:

• Fuel card with Avia logo: only at Avia petrol stations
• Fuel card with Shell and Agrola logo: at Shell, Eni and Agrola petrol stations. In Ticino this card can also be used at MIGROL petrol stations.
• Fuel card with BP and Routex logo: at BP, Eni and ARAL petrol stations
• Fuel card with Socar and Tamoil logo: at Socar and Tamoil petrol stations
• Fuel card with Ruedi Rüssel and Miniprix logo: at Ruedi Rüssel, BP and Miniprix petrol stations

If you pay for the fuel yourself, you can send us the fuel receipt, stating your Mobility number and reservation number by e-mail to office(at) We will credit the expenses to your Mobility customer account.

→ Business customers can send us the fuel receipt by e-mail together with the form: repayment for fuel (PDF)

Do I have to charge the Mobility vehicle?

Please note that the electro vehicle must always be correctly connected to the charging station and the charging process started at the end of the journey, regardless of the charging level. 

For most of our charging stations, there is no charge for charging and the charging process starts automatically when the charging cable is connected. However, there are also charging stations where a home charging card or badge is required to start the charging process. The card is marked accordingly and is located behind the sun visor. The badge is in the center console of the vehicle. If the badge or home charging card is required, there are also physical instructions in the glove compartment and sometimes an additional notice on the charging station.

If you are not familiar with the procedure or if you have any problems, you can always contact our 24h Service Centre on 0848 824 812 – we will be happy to help you.

Further information on how to use our electro vehicles:

explanatory video 

user manuals 

Rates and charges

I have collected a fine. What happens now?

In Switzerland, the police of the canton in which the traffic contravention took place, contacts Mobility to obtain the details of the driver. We pass those details on to the police. For this there will be an administrative charge of CHF 30. You will receive the fine from the police directly.

What do the rates include?

Our time rates and kilometre rates include everything: fuel and electricity, servicing, repairs, insurance, administration, Swiss e-motorway vignette, tyre changes, parking space rental and VAT. The rates for business customers are shown without VAT.

How are the costs for Mobility reservations calculated?

The costs are based on the kilometre and/or time rates for that vehicle category. On long journeys our day packages will automatically take effect. 
You can calculate the cost of your journey quickly and easily in the price calculator:

Price calculator

What are the Mobility fees?

See our PDF for a summary of all the additional benefits and charges:

Fair play and fees

Insurance and liability reduction

What is my insurance cover as a Mobility customer?

As a Mobility customer you are fully covered by third party, comprehensive and passenger insurance in the event of a loss event.

Can the Liability Reduction cover persons in a partnership or residing in the same household?

No, each Mobility customer must obtain his or her own Liability Reduction. Such cover is issued on a per-Mobility number basis.

How much is the policy deductible/excess per loss event?

Without this Liability Reduction, your deductible in the event of a claim could be up to CHF 5’000, depending on your age and driving experience (plus handling fees up to a maximum of CHF 100 per claim). The optional Liability Reduction reduces your maximum deductible, thus saving you from any unpleasant surprises in the event of a claim. The detailed deductibles can be found in the GTC (Article 18).

Calculate here

I’ve cancelled my subscription as of the end of the month, but my Liability Reduction is still running. Do I get any money back?

Once you’ve bought Liability Reduction, it cannot be refunded. If you obtain Liability Reduction for one year, that’s how long it applies.


Can a Mobility customer open or drive a vehicle that has been reserved by another customer?

In general, it is permitted to take turns driving at any time, provided the reservation holder is in the vehicle and the driver is also a Mobility customer.

However, a rental start group is only reserved for those customers who belong to the same tariff group and live at the same address. This means that you can use reservations for each other without the reservation holder travelling with you. As a mobilityMEMBER and mobilityCO-MEMBER, you are automatically part of a group and may initiate reservations reciprocally.

Under no circumstances may a person who is not a Mobility customer drive a Mobility vehicle. You can register for membership on our website.

Are there minimum or maximum periods of use for Mobility vehicles?

The shortest period is one hour, commencing or ending either on the hour or the half-hour. The maximum period is usually 16 days or, at Mobility stations with only one vehicle, three days.

Customers needing a car for a longer period can benefit from special rates offered by Mobility’s car rental partner Hertz.

Can I return my vehicle to a different Mobility station?

Mobility vehicles must be returned to their original location.

How can I reserve a particular vehicle model?

You can reserve vehicle categories, but not specific models. Exception: Mobility-Return. There you can reserve a specific model of car in the Emotion category. The vehicles in the Emotion category can be booked from the age of 25. This category is not available for under 25 years old persons and learner drivers. 

Certain vehicles have electronic handbrakes that can be overridden by pressing the accelerator pedal again. These are not legally permitted for use by learner drivers. For this reason we provide the option of applying the search filter “suitable for learner drivers” when you are looking for a vehicle for your reservation.

Before driving off

Before starting my reservation I discovered damage to the vehicle. What should I do?

Before you drive off, you must check the vehicle for any damage. Existing or unregistered damage can be easily and quickly checked and reported on the Mobility app before you depart.

You can also easily and conveniently report damage caused by yourself without any other party involved up to 15 minutes after the end of the reservation via our Mobility app, including uploading photos of the damage

How do I open a Mobility vehicle?

Open the vehicle via Bluetooth using the Mobility app, the Mobility Card or your SwissPass in card form.

What shoult I do if the vehicle is dirty?

Since we cannot clean the vehicles in the car sharing system after every reservation for logistical reasons, we are dependent on the assistance of our customers. Any soiling you have caused yourself must therefore be removed at your own expense.

Dirt that emerges during normal use of our vehicles can, however, occur. We therefore clean our vehicles regularly.

Please report heavy soiling by telephone 24h Service Center 0848 824 812, so that we can react immediately. In a serious case we can also search for an alternative for you.

What happens if my reserved vehicle is not at the Mobility station?

Please call our 24h Service Center on 0848 824 812. We will then help to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

What should I do if the electric vehicle has an insufficient charge?

Although our system calculates a charging lead time, we cannot guarantee a 100% charge at the start of the journey. If reservations are made within the next hour, the charge level will be displayed when the reservation is completed (unless the desired vehicle is on its way at the time the reservation is requested).

Before starting your journey, please check the charge level by switching on the ignition and contact our 24h service centre 0848 824 812 if it is insufficient for your planned journey. We will be happy to check for an alternative with you.

Damage Report

What bodywork damage needs reporting?

  • Any damage greater in size than a two-franc coin
  • Deep scratches and dents
  • Glass damage (windscreen/windows, mirrors and lights)
  • Protruding or loose parts

Damage to bodywork must be reported using the Mobility app (except for accidents, which must be reported by telephone). You can check your vehicle for damage and report it in the app no earlier than 15 minutes before the reservation starts.

Please note our fair play rules and our fees.

The following examples of damage must be reported:

Small dent:

Deep scratch, paint removed down to the plastic:

Deep scratch down to the primer, dent and defective tail light:

Protruding part, cracked bumper: